FIFA 20 Career Mode: Patch is definitely coming, but it won't be this week

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FIFA 20 has got a lot right it terms of gameplay & presentation, however Career Mode arrived with a few issues.

Fear not, because EA has listened to the community and will be fixing the much-loved mode imminently. However for those thinking it would arrive this week they may be disappointed to hear that it won't be available just yet.

To be honest, this is a good thing, as it shows EA is clearly taking its time to ensure the patch is as thorough as possible. Rushing the patch release too soon could only make the matter worse.


What's happened?

Last week, we reported about the multitude of problems FIFA 20 players were experiencing with the latest version of Career Mode.

EA’s game had been out for just a few hours, before disgruntled gamers took to social media to trend #FixCareerMode.

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FIFA players listed a number of issues with FIFA Career Mode, including teams fielding reserve players, player height limited to 6’2″ and unrealistic league tables.

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EA responded positively to FIFA 20 bugs releasing a second patch just four days after the game's launch.

Almost every aspect of gameplay was improved, along with updates to Ultimate Team and Volta Football. However, EA had not addressed the problems with Career Mode.


How do we know an update is coming?

Career Mode fans have been waiting eagerly to hear of any updates to the popular game mode.

The good news is there has been news on a Career Mode patch, but players will have to be patient.

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As you can see, EA Global Community Engagement Team Manager Corey Andress tweeted yesterday evening with the news that there will be no update this week, but they are working on it.


This sounds hopeful as it is evident EA are taking their time to ensure Career Mode will be at its best once the new patch is released.

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Gamers took to a Reddit post to share their latest thoughts, with the general consensus being summarised by one user, who stated they are "waiting for a patch 'cause no way I start a career under this state".

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