FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Redeem FUT ICON swaps with First Owner Objectives

EA's latest Pitch Notes have been released today, written by Assistant Live Producer of FUT, Jamey Cane.

Cane brings us news of the returning First Owner Objectives, including a reminder of what they are and how they can help players earn FUT ICONs in FIFA 20.

What are First Owner Objectives?

Introduced in FIFA 19, First Owner Objectives require the use of First Owner Player Items. A Player Item will have First Owner status in your club if the item was earned, via Objectives, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), or Packs.

They are designed to be accessible to the majority of players, built around First Owner Player Items from the most popular leagues in FUT.

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Check if your player has first First Owner status by navigating to their player bio (press R3/Right Stick while the player is selected) and looking for the “First Owner” label.

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Why were First Owner Objectives introduced?

According to EA, they were introduced for two reasons:

  • To make building First Owner squads with earned players more rewarding - with Season Objectives, SBCs, FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles, there are more ways to earn rewards than ever.
  • Encourage team building - EA aim to encourage you to leverage Player Items in your club to add variety to existing squads as well as build and upgrade unique squads.
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How First Owner Objectives will help you earn ICON cards

EA have stated that they plan to use First Owner Objectives throughout FUT 20, including for select ICON Swaps Objectives, which start tomorrow (11th Oct).

ICON Swaps have been introduced in FUT 20. They are a new way to allow players to unlock select ICONs in exchange for Player Tokens which can be earned by completing objectives you exchange.

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So, put simply:

  1. Complete First Owner Objectives to earn Player Tokens.
  2. Receive Player Tokens.
  3. Redeem for ICON Rewards available in a Swaps release.

Make sure you check back with RealSport tomorrow as we bring you our weekly FUT market analysis.

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