RealOpinions: FIFA 20 FUT Draft is an elite mode, but FIFA 21 could make it even better

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One game mode in FIFA which has changed a lot over the last few years is the fan favourite FIFA Ultimate Team.

Whilst a lot of the focus in recent years has been on competitive gaming with the addition of FUT Champions, this year EA opted to add a whole new range of fun, friendly game modes for the less serious gamers.

But if we're being honest, the game mode which revolutionized FIFA Ultimate Team was the FUT Draft.

The FUT Draft first arrived in FIFA 16 and whilst we still love the game mode, there is a few changes that we would make. Here is what we think will make FUT Draft even better in FIFA 21.

More freedom for your captain

FUT draft captains
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CHOICE! Imagine having the freedom of FIFA for your captain.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great concept of having five players to pick from for each position BUT when you paying 15000 coins or 300 FIFA points to start your Draft, the ability to pick your captain from any player in the FIFA Ultimate Team database would make the game that little bit better.

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We would still have the rest of the Draft follow the spontaneous nature of picking a player from a choice of five for each of the other positions after all.

This would ensure that you get at least one player that you really like and really want to use. You can pick someone that you can build the team around in order to suit your playing style.

Two lives

FUT draft loading screen
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EXPENSIVE! Entering the Draft isn't cheap, two lives would help.

This may be a bit of a contentious one for some players who like the competitive nature of only having one life but for the players who aren't so good at FIFA that enjoy playing the Draft mode it can be frustrating when you're paying a lot of money to enter the game mode just get knocked out in the first round, receiving very minimal rewards.

In order to combat this it would be great to see FIFA 21 allow each player to have two lives per draft. However, if you won the draft unbeaten you would obviously get better rewards than you would do if you lost a game.

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This would make the game more fun for everyone to play and it would mean that the lesser players would have a better chance of getting better rewards.


FUT rewards
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WIN BIG! Do you ever really win big?

On the topic of rewards, we feel the EA need to increase the pack weight for players in the FUT Draft.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should get a 100K pack for losing in the first round, however the average pack that you receive if you lose in the semi-final is a 7.5k pack and a 15k pack, which for winning two games, seems quite unfair.

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Also the fact that you can win a draft and come out with less coins than you started with also seems quite unfair. Chances are there would be some very good FIFA players who would take advantage of this but there has to be some way that he could get around it.


We love the FUT Draft mode and we think it’s still one of the best FIFA modes on the game as a whole.

However, five years on from its first release we feel like these couple of changes would make the mode just that little bit more enjoyable for FIFA fans when we enter FIFA 21.

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