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05 Feb 2020

FIFA 20 Future Stars Team 2 Leak: Tomori confirmed through Reddit leak?!

FIFA 20's Future Stars Team 2 is just around the corner.

However, a Reddit leak from last week seemed to confirm that Fikayo Tomori will be included in the Future Stars promo.

With him yet to be announced, will the Chelsea defender feature in Team 2?

Keep reading to find why Fikayo Tomori may well be in Future Stars Team 2!

Reddit Leak confirms Future Stars Tomori?

Reddit user u/KingAppie posted a picture to the FIFA sub-Reddit recently, which seems to drop a major Future Stars hint.


SNAPCHAT SECRETS: Has this Snapchat screenshot dropped a major leak?

The picture is a screenshot of someone's Snapchat and the caption suggests they're at a promo shoot.


CLOSE UP: A closer looks reveals a Future stars card for Chelsea centre back, Fikayo Tomori

A closer look at the image reveals an enlarged Tomori Future Stars card - these enlarged cards are often used for FIFA 20 promos and press releases.

We can't be 100% sure of the reliability of the photo, but it looks as if Tomori will be getting a Future Stars card!

Future Stars Tomori Rating

Tomori's Future Stars rating is not shown in the leaked image, but we already covered what we'd expect his card to look like in our Future Stars Predictions.


The pacey English centre back has broken into the Chelsea first team this season and looks set to become a very good defender if he fulfils his potential.

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