FIFA 20 Beta: What we learned playing the trial of the new game

EA Sports have released a lot of new and exciting content for their next instalment in the FIFA series, including several changes to Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Career Mode.

A select few in the community have accessed some key game modes... with RealSport being one of them.

We have attained access to the Beta testing of Kick Off and Volta Football on FIFA 20.

We share our thoughts and reveal whether the new game will be worth the wait.

Slower gameplay

The pace has changed, whether it's the new Strafe Dribbling mechanic or EA have decided to just turn down the tempo, as soon as you kick off, the speed the players move is noticeably slower.

Even Kylian Mbappe with his excellent pace and dribbling, might feel good on the ball, but not as fast and overpowered as he felt in FIFA 19.

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This may mean that pace will fall behind the physical stat in FIFA 20, which is a game changer in terms of FIFA Ultimate Team and all the other game modes. This is not final remember, and pace was nullified at FIFA 19's release, only to return to normal levels come November.

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It isn't just the movement of the players; it is also the ball speed that has changed.

When firing a long-range shot with Piemonte Calcio's Cristiano Ronaldo or a bullet pass with Paul Pogba, it doesn't quite have the same effect. At the start of the game you will want to use the R1/RB button a lot more frequently than before, which makes passing something to think about.

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The great thing about slower gameplay is that it gives you more time to find that killer pass or take that lethal shot. It adds a whole new dynamic to FIFA, and that is something to look forward to when the game is released on September 27th.

The slower gameplay makes the game feel even more realistic than previous FIFA's. It may be harder to find your rhythm at the start but after some practice you will master the new mechanics and enjoy the flow of the game.

Set pieces

Free kicks and penalties are now completely different in FIFA 20.

The developers have transformed your usual free kick taking routine, into quite a complex one.

You can now decide at the run up between; Top Spin, Side Spin, Mixed or Knuckle Ball, whilst aiming your target at the goal, adding the right power and then timing it to perfection. There's plenty here to ponder.

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Alongside free kicks, EA have also changed the penalties. They have gone for a similar idea as the free kicks, adding this new targeting and timing system, which makes penalties a lot harder to score than miss.

The new system is a good one, but it makes set pieces harder to master. When you hit that perfect timed Knuckle Ball from 30 yards into the top corner, however, it will be an incredible moment on the game.


Volta Football is the same concept as The Journey was in the past three FIFA tiles.

The tine however, you take on your own player on a street footballing adventure around the world.

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The best thing about it is the amount of customisation. EA have included lots of new celebrations, hairstyles and clothing to make it a personal and enjoyable experience. This will also be seen in Pro Clubs and Career Mode.

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It doesn't just offer customisation, but also gives you a good feel for intricate passing play in FIFA 20. As the game feels slower, it means you have to adapt your game and become better at passing and moving, Volta helps that.

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It is also a way to escape FIFA Ultimate Team, when you are under pressure in the Weekend League... or if you repeatedly fail to achieve Gold 1.

Volta adds a new way to play with your friends and means you can take your favourite teams to the streets of Tokyo, Paris, London and many more.

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However, in terms of street football gameplay, it lacks certain aspects that FIFA Street had back in the day on the PS3 or Xbox 360.

There are no skill points for impressive goals and not every player has 5 star skills which gives a team like PSG a massive advantage over a team like Manchester City as skill moves separate players on the streets.

Going forward

The Natural Movement and Composed Finishing additions provide a whole new dynamic to attacking in FIFA 20.

It's a lot harder to score, and timing your shots is even more important. The great thing about it is you can no longer pull off green timed finesse shots facing your own goal from 35 yards out.

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It does make any green timed finesse shots in general more difficult, and you really need to pick your moment to shoot.

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