FIFA 20: Volta gameplay, Story Mode, online, challenges, world tour, trailer, recruitment and more

Volta takes FIFA back to the streets. Here is everything we know about the new mode.

Michael Wicherek by Michael Wicherek

Volta Football has been the talk of the town for FIFA 20 this year, and fans are excited to get their hands on the new street mode. For a detailed look at FIFA 20 Volta gameplay and stadiums check out our Volta piece here.

So, what’s the most important stuff you need to know?

Well, there are 17 stadiums around the world where you can play. These range from a rooftop in Tokyo to an underpass in Amsterdam. They’re called Playgrounds – and they certainly look a lot of fun.

You’ll also be able to pick your gear -much like The Journey. Kit ranges from shirts to shoes to sweaters and shorts. plus, you’ll be able to unlock more gear as you progress through in-game challenges. 

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What else do I need to know?

Skill Them Up

Express your skills in VOLTA game mode with a range of unique and simplified Volta moves alongside the 11-a-side skill moves in the normal FIFA 20 game.

Make a Scene

Act up for the cameras with new replay styles and celebrations that help you make the most of your best moments.

Now You’re Showing Off

Pass, lob, and shoot with additional flair, and even bait the defence with a range of taunts. Feeling really adventurous? Show off your swagger with a kneeling header.

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Hit the Wall

Play one-twos with the wall, use it to find team-mates, and even use them to celebrate goals.


Build Your Player

From height and facial features to tattoos and hairstyles

Create your male or female player with ease and take them across various modes in FIFA 20 using the new Avatar system.

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Get the traditional athletic look, deck yourself out with the latest streetwear, or break boundaries as you find yours and your squad’s perfect style. Switch it up with limited-time item drops to create unique outfits using the VOLTA SHOP.

Take your Avatar onto the street and express your style to the world throughout VOLTA FOOTBALL’s range of modes.

Complete matches to increase your player’s rating and earn skill points. Max out various traits to earn titles that show off your gameplay personality to the world.

Play it Your Way

Lead you squad in the Volta Tour, guide your avatar through Volta Story Mode, play with your squad in the online VOLTA League, or take your favourite professional teams to the streets in Volta Kick-off.

Take your Avatar across the world and face off against various real-world legends of street football. Build your squad and recruit players as you aim to win the ultimate prize: The Volta Football World Championship in Buenos Aires.

Online Volta

Play your way through promotion and relegation against other players with the online VOLTA League, where wins lead to promotion into a higher division.


Volta Kick-Off Mode

So, why Volta? 

Depending on how old you are, some of you may remember FIFA Street and have been keen to see it make a comeback.

Play as your favourite club, or create your own male or female player and take to the streets around the globe.

From what we have seen so far, Volta appears to be a hybrid of The Journey and FIFA Street, with Alex Hunter’s story mode removed from the franchise this year.

The all-inclusive game mode Volta will allow players to create their own male or female star embark on a story mode. It will also appear on kick-off, allowing you to take real life pros like Eden Hazard and Raheem Sterling to the cage, and play out real-life fixtures or rivalries on the streets.


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