FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: New features, House rules, Season objectives, FUT Friendlies, Champions League, Icons - Drogba, Zidane, Pirlo & more

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Table of Contents

FIFA Ultimate Team is one of the most important features in the game, with this area receiving the most attention and time from the developers. With the insane popularity of Ultimate Team, this draws a lot of criticism when something goes wrong. Any serious player must play on FUT.

Mystery Ball

Easily the most intriguing of the House Rules coming to Ultimate Team in FUT Friendlies.


Changing each stoppage of play, the ball gives the attacking side boosts across the board – adding an element of unpredictability to every match.

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Season Objectives

Earn XP. Level up. Get rewards. Progress and personalise your club with the redefined Objectives system in FUT 20.


Make your club truly unique with new options for customisation, including kits, crests, Stadium Themes, Tifos, and celebrations, unlocked via Season Objectives.

FUT Friendlies

Take your FUT team into new House Rules in FUT Friendlies, a new and more social way to play against your mates and the FUT community.

The first of the four new additions is Max Chemistry. This game mode will allow players to create their ultimate team, without the worry of finding chemistry. Each player will receive 10 chemistry regardless of their position or links, allowing players creativity to run free.


The second FUT exclusive game mode is Swaps. This game mode will undoubtably cause some rifts as the game will randomly select three players from each player’s team and swap them ahead of kick off.

There are no restrictions to these swaps either, your worst three players could be replaced by your opponents best three and it would be totally fair. Scoring against your opponent with their player also awards you two goals instead of one, talk about rubbing salt in the wounds.

Each game of Mystery Ball will be 100% random. Every time the ball goes out of play the game will randomly select a new mystery ball type, each with a custom goal range, ranging from 1 to 3 goals.