FIFA 20 Beta: How to score Free Kicks & Penalties with the new mechanics

With a set piece makeover on the new EA game, we show you how to make the net ripple.

In past FIFA’s, scoring free kicks and penalties have been so difficult to score in the game.

Even the esports professionals opt to pass from goal scoring free kick opportunities, or leave the target on for penalties. 

This year, EA have rebooted their set piece system for FIFA 20.  

Luckily for you guys we know exactly how to score all the different types of free kicks with your favourite professionals. 

Whether you want to curl it around the wall with Leo Messi or smash it top bins with Philippe Coutinho. We will explain exactly how you need to do it.

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Mastering Free kicks

FIFA 20 free kicks have been completely re-worked ????

Posted by RealSport on Monday, 10 June 2019

Free kicks are difficult to score on FIFA 19, and penalties have been even more of a lottery than they are in real life. 

A new set piece refresh will show a circular target of where shot is going, providing a clearer sign of where you are aiming.

The new Free Kick System is divided into five aspects: Aim, Position, Power, Spin and Timing.

  • Aim: The first step was the new aiming mechanic. The aim now works with a reticle displayed on the goal, and players can use their pad to choose where to aim their free kick.

  • Position: Instead of stepping slowly around the ball and moving to different start positions, pressing the Right-Stick to the left or right will now move the player between pre-defined positions (Wide, Normal, Straight). Each position gives a certain bonus to your shot, with Wide giving an increased amount of spin and Straight providing an increase in spin for outside of the foot shots. Normal is a balance between both.

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  • Power: With shot elevation being determined by the aiming reticle, shot power now determines the shot trajectory. A low power shot will be more akin to a finesse shot (loopy), while a high power shot will be more driven and direct. Aiming towards the bottom of the net will also prioritise driven shots, allowing players to shoot under the wall.

  • Spin: After powering your shot, and during the run up before contact, players can apply spin to the ball. To apply different spins, you need to perform gestures using the Right-Stick as displayed below. The speed and accuracy of the gesture will determine how much spin is added to the ball. 

  • Timing: players can also use the Timed Finishing mechanic in the new Free Kick system, allowing you to press the button right at the moment of the contact of the shot. If successful, this will reduce the amount of error, and increase the amount of spin applied to the shot. If not successful, it will dramatically increase the amount of error applied to the shot.


FIFA 20 new Set Pieces trailer

FIFA 20 Free kicks rule of thumb

  • 18-24 yards out, one bar of power
  • 25-34 yards out, two bars of power
  • 35+ yards out, three bars of power

We suggest that side spin and topspin free kicks will be more effective from close range. 

Mixed and knuckle ball styled free kicks are far better from further out allowing for the new ball physics to confuse the opposing goalkeeper. 

Using Gareth Bale on FIFA 20 for knuckle ball free kicks will cause many problems for your opponent. 


Penalty kicks have also been improved, using the same Aim, Power and Timing mechanics as free kicks. 

The big difference is that there is no change to the starting position and no spin control on the right-stick. Unlike free kicks however, players can continue to change the aim of the kick throughout the run up, allowing for last second adjustments.

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Besides what was mentioned above, we improved all animations for kicks and shots for both Free Kicks and Penalties, added a few new Star-players run ups and animations, while also removing the wall creep mechanic, which had been previously requested from feedback sessions with the community. These changes are meant to create more rewarding and authentic Set Pieces in FIFA.

How to fool the goalkeeper

We all know that a cheeky dink down the middle have been easily readable because of the run up mechanics. Now that you cannot change starting position it is less easy to read. This means absolutely mugging off your opponent's goalkeeper has become easier.


Also, You can never go wrong with putting it top bins. Just make sure the player you are using to take the Penalty has a decent rating so that the ball doesn't land in row Z. 

Power or placement? The Verdict

It is likely EA will reward placement over power. 

FIFA 20 is looking to be the most realistic game on the market so allowing every 40 yard knuckleball to go in just wouldn't make sense. 

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