FIFA 21 EA Play: 7 things we learned from the Madden 21 trailer – Release Date, Cover Star & more

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The EA Play event is now underway, and we have now seen the Madden 21 trailer for the very first time.

With the FIFA 21 launch set for tomorrow, what can we expect to see revealed?

Release Date

The Madden 21 trailer revealed its release date for Tuesday, 25 August.

This indicates that EA will likely reveal the release date for FIFA 21 too, so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

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Cover Star

One of the big reveals yesterday was Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson as the Madden 21 Cover Star.

Jackson did not feature heavily in the trailer, but was the only player mentioned by name.

madden 21 mvp cover 1
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SNAPSHOT! Out first glimpse of Lamar Jackson as the Madden 21 Cover Star

If EA do not confirm a cover star for FIFA 21 tomorrow, keep
a close eye on the players that star in the trailer!


Celebrations are a big part of any sport, but even more so
with American Football!

Madden 21 looks to have introduced a number of new routines to really celebrate in style, could we see something similar brought into FIFA 21?

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If so, could we see more detailed team celebrations brought
into the game? We would love to see the infamous Jimmy Bullard ‘telling off’
celebration on FIFA 21.


Like last years FIFA 20 trailer, the Madden 21 trailer
showed off a number of new features the new game will include.

FIFA 20 introduced new ways of dribbling and defending last year, so expect to see EA show off their new additions tomorrow.

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ALL NEW! Dribbling and defending was transformed last season.

Keep an eye out for a new way to take penalties too!


As you would expect, the Madden 21 trailer looked fantastic.

Graphics improve year on year and this year will be no different, with FIFA 21 set to be the best looking yet.

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Although we have to wait a bit longer for the Next Gen consoles,
the graphic capabilities of both PS5 and Xbox Series X are said to be incredible!

Game Modes

One thing we did not see in the trailer was the new Face of
the Franchise game mode on Madden 21.

If EA does introduce a new game mode to FIFA 21, or add to an existing one, do not be surprised if they hold that information back for now.

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LOOKING GOOD! Will we see a more customisable Career Mode on FIFA 21?

Career Mode saw a bit of a refresh last year, but after many
years of neglect it still feels like they could do more.

Next Gen

There was no mention of the Next gen consoles in the Madden
21 trailer.

Fans will likely have to wait for more information about
FIFA 21 for PS5 and Xbox Series X if the Madden 21 reveal is anything to go by.

With all this excitement building, FIFA 21 is finally set for its reveal tomorrow!

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