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22 Sep 2020

FIFA 21 Demo: EA Cancel Demo, Latest News, FUT Web App, Release Date & more

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Latest News - FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled

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Previous FIFA Demo Release Date

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What will we miss?

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Next Gen Demo?

EA has officially announced the cancellation of the FIFA 21 demo.

This is a heart-breaker for FIFA fans, and means the only early access for the game will come from its 10-hour EA Play trial.

Latest News - FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled

EA have cancelled the FIFA 21 demo, leaving fans only EA Play early access to look forward to.

FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled

THE WAIT IS ON! With no Demo this year we have to wait that little bit longer for a taste of FIFA 21

The EA Play trial will offer 10 hours of gameplay for FIFA 21 with no restrictions beginning 1 October, but fans were certainly expecting a demo first.

Check out our ultimate FIFA 21 pre-order guide here and guarantee yourself a copy on/before release!

Previous FIFA Demo Release Date

Well we are a year on from the release of the FIFA 20 demo - which dropped on Thursday, 12 September 2019.

FIFA 21 Demo Cancelled EA Play

THE BAD NEWS: EA have axed the FIFA 21 demo entirely

Following the pattern of the demo coming weeks before release, we expected it to drop Friday, 25 September.

Unfortunately EA have axed the demo completely this year, which disrupts early access and sets a new precedent for the series.

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What will we miss?

There is always a big difference between demos and the full game. This largely extends to which game modes players can access, teams, and the more in depth options available.

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While the FIFA 21 demo wouldn't have been the full game, which the EA Play trial will be, the free early look into what's to come is something that will be sorely missed by fans.


The Closed Beta has come to an end for another season.

Betas are specifically released to test the game, and make changes in relation to player's feedback ahead of release.

fifa 20 beta approval

GOLDEN TICKET – Will you be lucky enough to beta taste FIFA 21?

Players who racked up the hours on certain game modes had the opportunity to beta test. Little did they know this would be the only early access to FIFA 21 outside of EA Play!

Head here to read more about the FIFA 21 Beta.

VOLTA Football

Volta Football was rolled out on the FIFA 20 last year, and while we won't get a look at it in a FIFA 21 demo, you can via the FIFA 21 EA Play trial.

fifa 21 volta

HIGH VOLTAGE - Some new venues are on the way in Volta

Ultimate Team

As for Ultimate Team, you'll be able to get an early start via the FUT Web App, and the EA Play trial.

Next Gen Demo?

Although Next Gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, will not be out when FIFA 21 is released, we may yet see a trial version of the game when the platforms are rolled out before Christmas.

The Next Gen versions do not have their own copy of the game, but there will be some enhancements in playing the game on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Whether we see a demo on Next Gen remains to be seen, but we do know any FIFA 21 demo before current-gen release has been fully scrapped.