FIFA 21 Career Mode: Reddit – Trailer Reveal, Latest News, Custom Kits, Additions, Changes, Player Career & more

Reddit is a gold mine for great ideas, but what have fans been suggesting ahead of FIFA 21 Career Mode?

Career Mode fans have been left frustrated in recent years, but would these new ideas help?

Latest News - Official Career Mode Trailer

The time has come - EA has dropped the official Career Mode Trailer and it looks amazing!

Head here to watch the new trailer and read a breakdown of EA's brand new Career Mode Pitch Notes.

Custom Kits

A popular choice in the FIFA community on Reddit.

Customisable kits have featured heavily when discussing what fans want to see in FIFA 21 Career Mode.

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CONCEPT! Could we see a custom page like this next year

Whether it is changing the badge on the arm to suit the competition you are in or swapping sponsors, this needs to happen in some way.

We would love to have full control over the kit, but unfortunately, we don’t see this happening on FIFA 21.


One idea for Career Mode is to have more in-depth stats.

Adding to the standard goals, assists and clean sheets, why can’t we see the more in-depth data that you can access in-game?

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This does seem like an easy fix as the data appears to be collected anyway.

Everyone loves a stat nowadays, so this is something we could definitely see.

Position Changes

Position changes is another interesting request.

Players do change position throughout their career, so this is something EA should definitely look at.

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How this would work remains to be seen, but it could involve some interaction with your players.

Could we see players requesting to play elsewhere? Only time will tell.

Cut Scenes

Cut scenes.

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AND SCENE! How many times will we have to sit through the same routine

A good addition from EA in the past couple of years, however they certainly need improving.

The accuracy of these cut scenes has been an issue, something made abundantly clear on Reddit.

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Also, the repetitive nature has been a major source of frustration as the addition of the interactive scenes was eagerly anticipated.

Player Career

A game mode that has taken a back seat.

The Journey and Volta have overtaken this mode in terms of the effort EA are putting into it, but are they over-complicating things?

EA could certainly take a leaf out of NBA 2K20’s book in how to provide a decent Player Career mode.

Reddit users seem to agree that a fuller immersion in the game mode would really improve the gamer experience, with storylines away from the field affecting your career.

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