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EA FC 24

EA FC 24

After a long wait crossplay finally hit FIFA 23, but will EA FC 24 crossplay take players even further? Last year's title was the first with crossplay, but it was limited in its scope and accessibility.

With a new era here for EA Sports' mega football franchise it could be the moment to truly bring down the walls between gamers. We've already seen cross-play arrive in Ultimate Team, but it's the Clubs mode that stands out like a sore thumb. Check below for everything you need to know about crossplay implementation in EA Sports FC 24.

EA FC 24 crossplay

EA has finally revealed information regarding crossplay in EA Sports FC 24! Crossplay will be present in pretty much all the game modes, which is something fans have been asking for years.

Last year's game allowed PS4 & Xbox One players to link up, while PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players were joined in a separate pool. This covered modes like Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, and Online Friendlies.

fifa 23 pro clubs
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GOOD TIMES - Pro Clubs is an all-time classic mode

Cross-generational crossplay was only available in 1v1 modes in FIFA 23.

Having been successfully implemented last year, EA decided to take the next step and bring crossplay to many other game modes.


FIFA 23's Pro Clubs mode does not support crossplay, which is a big shame as it is one of the most sociable parts of the game. However, Pro Clubs, or Clubs as it's called now, will have crossplay in EA Sports FC 24.

This is the biggest change the game mode has received in years. It's also something fans have been begging for, so Clubs players should be thrilled with this news. Even if it came with a slight delay, crossplay is here!

The crossplay addition will revitalize the game mode, and make Clubs the most fun it has ever been. It provides players with a much better gaming experience and immersion.

However, despite Clubs being crossplay, it is not cross-generation, and so people on PS5 will only be able to play with PS4 players with Dual Entitlement.

Separate markets

While there is crossplay for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC in Ultimate Team, the transfer market is NOT going to bridge PC with the consoles.

This is due to EA's anti-cheat on PC getting in the way.

New mode, more crossplay?

Whilst the standard modes of Clubs and Ultimate Team will see crossplay love in EA Sports FC 24, there is one mode that was omitted due to its infancy.

It was speculated that an Online Career Mode would be added to EA Sports FC 24, with EA working on the mode over the past year. However, we will have to hope for an Online Career Mode in EA FC 25 instead.

EA Sports FC
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A NEW ERA - EA Sports FC 24 arrives in 2023

An online Career Mode would work similarly to Seasons, only giving you the chance to make signings and battle against your friends with customised formations and squads. With plenty of logistical hurdles in the way of an Online Career Mode, we could see crossplay missing, if, of course, this mode ever arrives in the future.

Cross-generation play

Last year, EA made an Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 available to purchase, which came with several unique bonuses.

One of these bonuses is being granted access to both the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, allowing you to switch between the two with ease on the same account or console.

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PREMIUM OPTION - The Ultimate Edition comes with plenty of in-game add ons

All you need to do to switch between the two versions is press options on the game and then under 'game version' change to whichever one you like.

With the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24 players who have bought the Dual Entitlement version of the game will be able to access both versions.

So, if you've got a next-gen console but want to link up with your friends who haven't managed to secure one yet, the Ultimate Edition is for you.

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