FIFA 23 - Is Pro Clubs cross-gen?

It's getting to that point in the FIFA 23 game cycle where players have exhausted their Career Mode options and have started to become a little tired of repetitive promotional content in Ultimate Team.

So, what better way to stay in love with the game than to jump online with your friends and play Pro Clubs?!

With most players now having transitioned to Next Generation consoles, users still playing on the previous-gen version of the game may be worried they'll be left behind.

So, find out whether FIFA 23 Pro Clubs supports cross-gen below.

Is Pro Clubs cross-gen?

At this current point in time, FIFA 23's Pro Clubs mode does not support cross-gen gameplay.

Right now, players are only able to link up with friends playing on other systems within the same generation as their machine of choice.

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So, if you're playing FIFA 23 on PS4, you'll be able to play with gamers that are playing on Xbox One.

Similarly, if you play FIFA 23 on PS5, you can play Pro Clubs with friends who use an Xbox Series X|S.

PC and Google Stadia players are able to connect to the next-gen pool, as well.

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