EA FC 24: Transfer Market is NOT cross-platform?!

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With EA FC 24 quickly approaching FC 24 fans have a clear understanding of what is set to be the most authentic and dynamic football gaming experience year - created by EA Sports.

EA have dropped loads of information on their game modes and gameplay to give fans a taste of what to expect when the full release is out within Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode, and the gameplay.

The transfer market is one of the biggest features of EA FC with Ultimate Team running off the transfer market fans are curious to know if there are any changes made to it since EA Sports has not commented on the transfer market at all from the pitch notes or deep dives. Recent news has broken out on social media on news about the transfer market so without further ado, let's jump into the latest news!

Cross-play transfer market?

Currently in FIFA 23, there is cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation consoles on the transfer market meaning that transfers can be made from Xbox to PlayStation and vice versa. This cross-play feature has only been out for a year, beginning at the launch of FIFA 23.

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Many fans have been asking to blend in the PC transfer market too within the Xbox and PlayStation market allowing players to potentially move from console to PC for better graphics and specs. Not only for this reason, but it would also allow for all FC 24 fans to play the same game with the same transfer market making it more enjoyable. This allows PC players to not be excluded from the same market movements as console players.

Latest rumours

There have been many rumours over recent weeks that EA FC 24 will allow for cross-play to be in the PC transfer market, allowing PC players to have the same transfer market as Xbox and PlayStation players.

However, recent news has broken out by @lewisbarton_ that there will be no cross-play for PC users. This brings disappointing news to all FC 24 fans as it has been leaked that PC players will play another year with their transfer market.

This information has been backed by famous leaker @DonkTrading, almost confirming that this rumour is true.

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The reasoning behind EA Sports not adding the PC transfer market with consoles is due to a failure to find a PC “Anticheat” for EA FC 24.

We hope that this can be solved ahead of EA FC 25 as it would make playing on PC much more enjoyable!

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