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FC 24 is here and we are so happy to have been playing for a couple of weeks now. We have loads of content covering, Ultimate Team, Clubs, Career Mode, and the gameplay.

Career Mode fans have been promised a lot this year getting them excited for the new title, but now that it is out has it lived up to expectations? Some are calling it the worst Career Mode in years.

One thing we do know is players will be searching for the highest overall GKs and the ones with the highest potential in EA FC 24, and we have it all here for you!

Best Goalkeepers in EA FC 24

Building a Career Mode team can be challenging however it is always best to start from the bottom up. Building from the goalkeeper position allows for the foundations of your team to be strong allowing you to build up from defence to midfield and attack.

Firstly, let's start with the highest rated Goalkeepers in the game that you can sign in Career Mode for instant success!

These players may not be young talents, however, they will bring quality right away to your team!

What makes a good goalkeeper?

A good Goalkeeper is made up of many attributes however the key attributes are their reflexes, handling, and to a certain extent height. Nowadays a modern goalkeeper must be good with their feet allowing for them to play out from the back comfortably. PlayStyles have been introduced to EA FC this year, and look overpowered in early access, so it's worth looking to see which goalies have them.

Best GKs in EA FC 24

We will look at the top GKs in EA FC 24. These players will bring instant quality to your defence. With elite shot-stopping and command of the area. They are the best of the best, which means they will come at a hefty price.

If you can't afford the best today, maybe you can get the best up-and-comers! We will list out the best young goalkeepers too, so be sure to scroll to the end of the article to find the best young 'keepers for the future!

For Ultimate Team players why not checkout what are the best PlayStyles to look out for with Goalkeepers!

Thibaut Courtois (90 OVR)

In the number one spot we have the Real Madrid star Courtois who was top of the goalkeeping list in FIFA 23 and EA FC 24 is no different!

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Marc-Andre ter Stegen (89 OVR)

La Liga winner, 30-year-old ter Stegen joins in tied at second place as an 89-rated keeper. A fantastic option to build your foundations!

ter Stegen
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ter Stegen

Alisson Becker (89 OVR)

After a hard season with Liverpool, Alisson remains near the top of this list as an 89-rated goalkeeper at still only 30 years old he has a good amount of years left in him!

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Jan Oblak (88 OVR)

Atletico Madrid keeper Jan Oblak has been at the top of his game for many years now and FC 24 is no different! He is still one of the world's best.

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Ederson (88 OVR)

Treble-winner with Manchester City, Ederson is second on this list. With amazing passing out from the back Ederson is a great purchase!

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Honourable mentions

We have three more players for you that fall under the top GKs in the game. There is a crowded field of quality at the top of the goalkeeper rankings this year!

Gianluigi Donnarumma
Gregor Kobel
Borussia Dortmund
Mike Maignan
AC Milan

Best young goalkeepers for Career Mode

Typically we create lists for under-21 players, however, as goalkeepers play longer than most positions we will create this list based on under-23 players.

Diogo Costa (82 OVR 88 POT)

Porto wonderkid Diogo Costa is already playing at a very high level, rated at 82 he is ready to play for any club in the world!

Diogo Costa
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Diogo Costa

Marco Carnesecchi (79 OVR 87 POT)

Italian wonderkid Carnesecchi joins this list, after a full Serie A season last year he joins Atalanta back on loan from Cremonese as he looks for a first-place spot there!

Guillaume Restes (70 OVR POT 87)

Born in 2005! Yes, 2005. Guillaume Restes is a fantastic buy for a Career Mode save and has a brilliant 87 potential which can easily be exceeded. He'll only set you back around £3-4 million as well.

Giorgi Mamardashvili (80 OVR 86 POT)

The Georgian star and we aren't talking about Kvaratskhelia, Mamardashvili is a top-quality keeper from the get-go, with 85 potential he is a fantastic GK to sign in Career Mode!

Andre Gomes (63 OVR 84 POT)

More of a long-term signing, Andre Gomes is currently rated at 63, thus more suited for a road to glory however he develops quickly to an 86-rated keeper!

With the new Career Mode features, EA FC 24 goalkeeper training can allow for keepers to progress faster in Career Mode, allowing them to go past their potential.

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