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With the Deep Dive of the revamped Clubs mode in EA Sports FC 24 just dropping, let's take a look at the five new features coming to the game mode on the 29 September release date.


Fans have been crying out for cross-play on Clubs for years and EA has finally answered. This allows for much easier match-making and for squads to be even bigger with friends being able to play each other across platforms. However, this is not cross-generation, so PS4 players can’t play with PS5 players.

For the first time ever, Clubs will be available for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Clubs League

The new Clubs League is made up of three phases: the League phase, Promotion Phase, and the Playoffs phase.

The league phase is essentially like clubs have been for several years, playing competitively trying to get themselves promoted.

Clubs league menu on EA Sports FC 24
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Clubs league menus

Once the season has finished, in a similar way to Division Rivals on Ultimate Team, Clubs can then play for promotion, earning rewards along the way.

EA has introduced some dynamic intros that also tie in with the importance of the game, for example, if you’re playing in the playoffs to get promotion, you will see a new intro.

Once you reach the playoffs, it becomes a knockout competition, meaning games go to penalties if they end in a draw.

There is also no more relegation in Clubs.

Fans and Reputation

Sunday League to Champions, your club's reputation will grow as you gain fans.

Clubs stadium in EA Sports FC 24
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Clubs stadium in EA FC 24

As reputation grows, the better stadiums you unlock and the better your AI will become, your club will slowly rise to one of the world's biggest and best.

New Vanity

There are now more options than ever to change your style on and off the pitch. Tied in with Volta, you can decide what your character looks like, new hairstyles, clothes, boots, and much more.


An exciting new feature for Clubs this year is the introduction of PlayStyles. Whilst attributes will still be effective in building your players’ overall abilities, playstyles now allow your pro to add to their strengths too.

Clubs playstyles EA FC 24
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Clubs playstyles EA FC 24

If you’re playing as a striker in your team, adding the Haaland-style power shot as a playstyle activates the ability for your Clubs character to have a deadly power shot.

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