How to throw objects in WWE 2K24

WWE 2K24 Roman Reigns

As more information spills out regarding the release of WWE 2K24, the more excited we get to see the next instalment in the wrestling franchise.

The game promises to keep the momentum going and will no doubt seek to cement the positive relationship between 2K Games and its players.

One such subtle change that could make a big difference is the ability to throw objects and weapons, something we got to try in our first hands-on impression of the game.

Check below to find out everything you need to know about this brand mechanic in WWE 2K24.

How to throw objects

WWE 2K24 is introducing a bunch of new gameplay features and the ability to throw weapons and objects is amongst one of the best.

It may seem like a small addition in comparison to some of the others on the show, but we think this new ability could make one of the biggest impacts.

During our first hands-on impression with WWE 2K24, we got to try out this new ability and it's safe to say that we were obsessed.

Throwing weapons across the ring and hitting your opponent from range was a great way to counter some of the frustrating targeting issues that we've seen in previous games.

Instead of having to walk up to your opponent in order to launch an attack, simply lob a steel chair at them from the other side of the ring in order to stun them.

WWE 2K24 Becky Lynch
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SHAKING THINGS UP - Ranged attacks can now be used in WWE 2K24

In order to do this, you will first need to ensure that you are playing a no-disqualification stipulation which permits the use of weapons.

From there, you will need to head to ringside and grab a weapon, either from under the ring or around the ringside area.

Once you've selected your weapon, move back towards your opponent, but not too close.

Once you feel you've got a good range, simply press B (Xbox) or Circle (PlayStation) to throw your weapon.

A few objects like ladders and tables - to our knowledge - cannot be thrown, but most other weapons can be launched using this method in WWE 2K24.

Other additions

The ability to throw objects isn't the only notable addition we've seen highlighted for WWE 2K24.

During our preview, we also got to try out the new Trading Blows mini-game, and also the ability to dive onto multiple opponents.

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes
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WOOOOAAHHHH - Cody Rhodes is the face of WWE 2K24

These additions only serve to improve the overall authenticity of the game, with 2K once again aiming to make WWE 2K24 a smash hit.

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