Will WWE 2K24 have crossplay?

The Rock WWE 2K24

The hype around WWE 2K24 is beginning to build with the Royal Rumble, and first look at the game, just around the corner.

With major returns in WWE dominating the discourse, there are a few miscellaneous features that are being carefully monitored by the wrestling community.

Whilst WWE 2K23 went a long to revitalise a stagnant franchise, there were one or two elements that felt undercooked.

One such feature is cross-play, and we're taking a look at the chances of seeing this in-demand feature finally implemented in WWE 2K24.

Will WWE 2K24 be crossplay compatible?

The world of gaming is seemingly dominated by talk of crossplay, with many major sports franchises implementing this much-discussed feature.

EA introduced the ability to play with friends across multiple platforms in FIFA 23, with EA FC 24 boasting crossplay compatibility across all modes.

2K Games, the developer of the WWE 2K series, also implemented crossplay in NBA 2K24, but only for those players on next-generation consoles (Xbox Series X|S + PlayStation 5).

Right now, there is no official word on whether crossplay will be implemented in WWE 2K24, but we would expect to see the feature added.

Last year, the lack of crossplay was one of the only blights on a stellar release for WWE 2K23, but we'd expect that to be remedied this year.

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FACING OFF - Cross play is expected to arrive in WWE 2K24

As mentioned above, we would expect 2K Games to implement crossplay into the WWE 2K series in the same way we've seen with the NBA series.

This means, all being well, that players from next-generation consoles, (Xbox Series X|S + PlayStation 5), will be able to face off against each other in online play in WWE 2K24.

In truth, WWE 2K's online community isn't as large as some of the other major franchises, so it is possible that we could see a greater focus on the single-player experience this year.

That being said, given 2K now boasts the capabilities to pull it off, we're almost certain that cross-play will be coming to WWE 2K24.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay is a function recently implemented into popular online games that permits players from multiple platforms to face each other online.

For example, EA FC players can now go into an online game and face players from Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

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NEW LOOK - The WWE 2K24 logo has been leaked

In the case of WWE 2K24, the MyFaction mode would benefit most from the crossplay function, allowing players from different platforms to step inside the squared circle.

Crossplay is starting to become a far more familiar feature and its function is now commonplace in many major sports game franchises.

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