How to Level Up in Wuthering Waves Quickly

Wuthering Waves Encore.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Encore.
Credit: Kuro Games

In Wuthering Waves, a high Union Level is your key to unlocking the full potential of the game! It’s crucial for ascending your SOL3 Phase (your World Level), granting access to a chain of hefty rewards, and opening the doors to challenging content. Reaching specific Union Level thresholds unlocks new features like starting specific quests and even redeeming codes.

With Wuthering Waves taking the gacha scene by storm, new players are naturally eager to progress quickly. Raising your Union Level greatly streamlines your journey!

What is Union Level in Wuthering Waves?

Union Level is your account's progression system in Wuthering Waves. The only way to raise your Union Level is by gaining Union EXP, primarily earned through in-game activities like completing Main Quests, exploring the world, and more.

This system is active from the very beginning, with the early story quests rewarding Union EXP as you go. As you level up, you'll unlock new features, and content, and even receive bonus rewards at specific milestones!

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Credit: Kuro Games

How to Raise Your Union Level Quickly

Embark on Quests

The fastest and most engaging way to raise your Union Level in the early game is by embarking on the Main Quest and Companion Quests. These story-driven quests not only help you uncover the mysteries of SOL-3 but also offer substantial Union EXP. Completing these quests is a rewarding way to advance your account's level while, at the same time, immersing yourself in the rich lore of the game.

Defeat Bosses

Venturing into Tacet Fields (Domains) and defeating the bosses within grants a large amount of Union EXP. Don't forget to spend your Waveplates after each victory to collect your rewards!

Simulation Training

Completing Simulation Training grants you a ton of Union EXP and valuable enhancement materials for characters and weapons. To start these challenges, you must speak to Yhan in Jinzhou City. He is stationed towards the end of the Northernmost entrance.

Exploring SOL3

Wuthering Waves boasts a vast and breathtaking world waiting to be explored. As you make your way through SOL-3, discover hidden treasures, activate Resonance Beacons, solve puzzles, and complete trials. Consistently doing this grants you valuable Union EXP, and with all the overworld content to immerse yourself in, you'll be able to raise your Union Level in no time.

Why Level Up Your Union Level?

As your Union Level rises, so does the SOL3 Phase (World Level). This means tougher enemies in the overworld, but also increases the chances of them dropping rarer materials like high-tier items, crafting materials, and even rarer Echo variations.

Reaching specific Union Levels unlocks special quests that permanently increase your SOL3 Phase Level, allowing you to tackle more challenging content.

There is also a permanent event called the Awakening Journey, which grants rewards based on your Union Level. Reach specific milestones (levels 5, 15, 25, 35, and 45) to claim a total of 1,600 Astrite and 40 standard banner pulls!

Want to redeem those sweet Wuthering Waves codes for free Astrite and Lunite? You'll need to be at least Union Level 2.

Speaking of Astrite (Wuthering Waves' premium currency for pulling on banners), you'll earn a ton of them by raising your Union Level. Looking for ways to earn more? Check out How to Earn Astrite Fast in our guide here!

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