Wuthering Waves Explained in Genshin Impact Terms

A screenshot of Jihnsi from the Wuthering Waves Official Release Trailer | Waking of a World
Credit: Kuro Games

A screenshot of Jihnsi from the Wuthering Waves Official Release Trailer | Waking of a World
Credit: Kuro Games

Looking to understand Wuthering Waves’ terminology? Disillusioned by HoYoverse’s lack of response to much-wanted updates, many Genshin Impact players are setting sail for Wuthering Waves. However, a new land brings new lingo, and all the new terminology is nothing short of confusing.

Rest assured, whether you are a gacha game veteran or a new recruit, this guide translates Wuthering Waves terminology into familiar Genshin Impact terms, with mini-explainers for those entirely new to gacha games!

Wuthering Waves Terminology Explained

Thankfully, Wuthering Waves operates very similarly to Genshin Impact, sharing many parallels in its gacha system, the resources used to level up characters and weapons, and the abilities and kits that characters have.

Here's a breakdown of all important terms:

Currency System

  • Astrite = Primogem
    • Premium currency that’s mainly used to purchase “pulls” for banners
  • Lunite = Genesis Crystal
    • Premium special currency used to purchase item bundles. It can also be converted into Astrite on a 1:1 ratio
  • Lustruous Tide = Acquiant Fate
    • Used for pulls on the standard banner, which features both characters and weapons
  • Radiant Tide = Intertwined Fate
    • Used for pulls on the limited character banner
  • Forging Tide (unique to Wuthering Waves)
    • Used for pulls on the limited weapon banner
  • Shell Credit = Mora
    • The main in-game currency used in nearly every part of the game, from leveling up characters to crafting new items and weapons, and buying items in NPC shops.
Wuthering Waves Verina.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Collectible and Consumable System

  • Resonance Potion = Hero’s Wit
    • A character EXP material that increases a character’s level
  • Energy Core = Enhancement Ore
    • A weapon EXP material that increases a weapon’s level
  • Sonance Casket = Oculus
    • Collectable adventure items that can be found scattered across the world
  • Lunite Subscription = Blessing Welkin
    • A subscription offer that gives players premium currency like Astrite and Lunite every day for the next 30 days
  • Oscillate / Afterglow Coral = Stardust / Stargiltter
    • A currency of varying rarity that can be used to purchase items from a special shop that offers Tides, materials, and a rotating selection of characters and weapons
  • Waveplate / Crystal Solvent = Resin / Fragile Resin
    • These are resources spent to collect drops from bosses, domains, and challenges

Characters and Abilities System

  • Rover = Traveler
    • The main character of the game that players control
  • Resonance Chain = Constellations
    • A set of sequential upgrades to characters that can be achieved by acquiring duplicates of the character. These upgrades enhance performance, either in damage, support capabilities, or by introducing new passives that change the way they are played.
  • Attribute = Elements
    • The different damage types of each character:
      • Fusion (Pyro), Glacio (Cryo), Aero (Anemo), Electro, Spectro (Light), and Havoc (Dark)
  • Forte = Talent
    • Abilities that characters possess
  • Resonance Skill = Elemental Skill
    • A character’s bread-and-butter ability, which does not require Energy to use, and is oftentimes referred to as "E" (the default hotkey for this skill on PC)
  • Resonance Liberation = Elemental Burst
    • A character's ultimate ability, often called "Q" (the default hotkey on PC). It's a powerful move that requires accumulated Energy to unleash.

Levelling System

  • SOL-3 Phase = World Level
    • The higher the level of your world, the higher the difficulty and the rewards dropped by monsters and bosses
  • Union Level = Adventure Rank
    • A player account progression system that is raised through exploring the world, fighting bosses, finding treasure, and completing quests. The more you increase your rank, the more game features you will unlock.
  • Tower of Adversity = Spiral Abyss
    • A special type of Domain where players get the chance to test their characters and teams, typically defeating waves of enemies under a time limit and receiving hefty rewards for clearing each floor.

That's it for Wuthering Waves explained in Genshin Impact terms!

We'll keep this guide updated as new terminology surfaces in Wuthering Waves, so stay tuned!

A screenshot from the Wuthering Waves' global release trailer.
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Credit: Kuro Games

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