The Sims 4 - How to get married, invite guests and host the wedding

Getting hitched is a common aspiration for a Sim that could lead them down the path to complete fulfilment in life...potentially.

It's a common life goal for Sims and people alike, and everyone has their own unique spin and outlook on that most special of occasions.

In typical Sims fashion, the wedding also provides you with lots of objectives to complete, which will rank you with either Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Here are all the steps you need to take in securing that marriage between your two chosen Sims.

Getting started

As the story goes with any marriage, it always starts with the future couple putting in the time and effort to get to know each other.

In the Sims this takes the form of your Sim building up a relationship with your chosen Sim by chatting, getting to know each other, telling stories and jokes and other methods to woo the Sim.

budding romance between two Sims
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THE BEGINNING: The Romance button is going to be used a lot

As your relationship builds and your relationship bar begins to climb, you can then move onto flirting methods which will trigger the romance options.

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Make sure you use all the romantic tricks given to you to woo the sim into becoming your significant other and then sealing it with the question about becoming a couple.

Popping the Question

After this happens it's up to you where you take it, you could either ask your Sim partner to move in with you first or pop the question straight away.

A sim proposing to another Sim
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PROPOSAL: Dare you risk proposing straight away?

But bear in mind to propose you need to have at least 40% friendship and romance between the two of you.

The lower the percentage the higher the chance it is that they make reject you, so it's better to have at least 60% before asking the question.

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If you find the whole process of reaching the engagement stage too time-consuming and want to jump to marriage straight away, you can use a cheat available to speed the process up.

Inviting people to your wedding

Now that you are both engaged the next step is to throw the wedding. There are two main options in the Sims that both lead to your Sims being married.

One is to simply Elope and get married then and there with no ceremony or witnesses, and the other option is to throw a traditional wedding with a party and guests.

wedding invite screen for the Sims 4
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THE INVITES: The Sims make it a lot easier than real life

If you opt for the traditional route you can easily invite people to your wedding through the phone and plan it like you would any other event in the Sims.

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Just pick the wedding option, choose your location, invite the people you want there, and you are good to go.

Planning and hosting the wedding

Arguably the most stressful part of any wedding is the planning and preparation before and during the event.

wedding cake on the Sims 4
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THE CAKE: The most important element of any wedding

Fortunately, in The Sims it's pretty straightforward and focuses on the wedding cake.

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The cake is a must-have for the wedding - a good tip is to bake one and leave one in the fridge the day before the big day and finish it off by adding a wedding topper to the cake.

Tying the knot

Once you have created the wedding event and invited guests, the wedding will start immediately and you will all spawn in your chosen location, which is pretty handy.

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There are added extras available if you are wanting to go all out with your wedding day, including a Mixologist, Cater and Musician, but to access these you need to know people with these skills.

guests at wedding in sims 4
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SUPER FANCY: It's up to you whether you want an expensive or modest event

The more people you hire for your wedding, the more expensive it's going to be, with the wedding ending up on average 1,750 Simoleons if you choose to hire all three.

The main goal is to exchange vows and you can do this by clicking on one of the Sims and pressing 'Get Married to X' which will let you exchange rings and become officially married.

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