The Sims 4 Reddit Wishlist: Online Multiplayer, Superpower Expansion Pack & more

The Sims is one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time.

It is one of those games that can cater to almost any gamer’s needs, offering players countless hours of entertainment over the years.

EA recently introduced the 'Play With Life' campaign for The Sims in an attempt to give the game a youthful rebrand.

The trailer shows various actors, pop stars and YouTubers lending their likenesses to the game, serving as a pretty fun reminder at how inclusive the franchise has become in its 20 years.

Though this recent addition has been pretty cool, there is a whole host of suggestions on the Sims 4's subreddit, so continue reading for more on those.

Possibility of a multiplayer mode

Various Reddit users have been crying out for multiplayer mode for a while now, but the series has always lacked any form of a multiplayer element despite its enormous success.

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Well, things could be changing very soon, as in a recent business meeting, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson said that they were keen to add a multiplayer mode to The Sims.

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At a recent business meeting, Andrew Wilson said that they were keen to add a multiplayer mode to The Sims.

However, it would be difficult to implement such a system without taking away from the immense levels of customization that is available in the single-player.

Wilson is right to worry about losing that classic feel of The Sims, as multiplayer mode has not always worked when it has been attempted (like what happened to Bethesda Softworks with Fallout 76).

Expansion Packs

One particular user wanted to see some more imaginative expansion packs come to The Sims universe, saying:

island life
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"I think it would be really cool if one of the expansion packs for the Sims 4 was a superpower based expansion pack but I don't know how to contact them about this."

Another user added, "I think EA should do an alien pack, that’s allows different species of aliens so you can make loads different looking aliens and such."

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So clearly there is a demand for some more imaginative downloadable content, which is what EA should be focusing on in a game as old as this one.

While the multiplayer idea received a lot of backing from EA's CEO, there's been little acknowledgement of other community suggestions, so we don't know what will follow.

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