Red Dead Online: Best horse, where to buy, insurance & more

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Your horse is vital in any version of Red Dead, none more so that the phenomenon of the Online game.

Whether you are trying to escape your enemies, attacking them or robbing a train - you won't get very far without a trusted steed.

The best horses in Red Dead Online

There are two main candidates for the title of "best horse" in the game.

The Arabian

The Arabian is immensely popular, and although its Speed of 6 is low, this can be boosted to 8. The same can be done for its Acceleration.

Throw in Elite handling and encouraging staring Health and Stamina, and you've already got the making of a strong horse.

The two difficulties you have with the Arabian is its price ($850), and to be able to buy it, you will need to reach level 66.

So perhaps one for only the finest of Red Dead Online players.

The Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter boasts strong starting Health and Stamina, but has different stats to the Arabian.

It's faster with its Speed able to improve from 7 to 9, although its Acceleration is slower, starting at 5.

Its Handling is only Standard, and it comes in at $950, a ridiculous amount of cash.

To purchase it, you will need to reach level 58.

Where to buy the best horses

If you have a load of gold to spend, and are levelling up like a champ, you can buy either the Arabian or Missouri Fox Trotter like any other horse - in stables and catalogues.

What about horse insurance?

Yes, you read that right, horse insurance exists in the Red Dead universe.

You can purchase insurance as a service in stables, offering protection for your horse. It costs $125 per horse.

The insurance allows your horse to heal quicker if they get hurt.

horse insurance red dead online
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If you don't have insurance, when your horse dies, that's your lot. You must suffer the emotional and financial heartbreak.

It's certainly worth purchasing - BUT don't be reckless and shoot your own horse, as that is not covered in the insurance!

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