How to lace Jordan 1: A step by step guide

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Trying to figure out how to lace Jordan 1s isn't straightforward. In fact, getting your sneakers laced correctly can seem daunting when you unboxed them for the first time. However, we'd argue it's not as tricky as you might think.

We've put together a set of step-by-step instructions to guide you through some of the key lacing techniques to achieve a secure fit and the look you want when it comes to getting your best Jordan 1s, like the new "Knicks" Mids, ready to wear.


We've covered multiple techniques because we appreciate that the classic cross-over approach isn't for everyone. So, if, for example, you prefer a loosely crossed style or straight bars, we've got you covered.

So, get your best Air Jordans ready and follow along with our guide right here...

How to lace Jordan 1

In order to achieve a similar look to Nike's official photos, we recommend the following method of lacing your Jordan 1 Highs.

The technique also works for some of the best Jordan 1 Lows and Mids, you'd simply finish the process a little earlier than you would with a pair of high-tops.

This approach can also be used for later models, including the new Air Jordan 37s, if you don't yet own a pair of 1s.

With that in mind, let's get into it...


Step 1: The first thing you'll want to do if they're not already is to completely untie and remove the laces.

Step 2: Then start to feed the two ends of your shoelace underneath each of the first eyelets.

Step 3: Begin to weave and cross the two lengths from inside to out, making sure the aglets go over the top of the sneakers each time.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 image of black and grey shoes with white midsoles and grey laces.
Credit: Donald Martinez

Top Tip: We'd recommend making sure your laces are flat and clean as you go. You may also find tightening as you work your way up beneficial as well.

Step 5: Follow this pattern until you reach the sixth eyelet. Then, you can either feed the laces under the tongue tabs or leave them loose over the top.

Step 6: Once you've decided, continue the pattern again across the high-top collars, leaving about 2" of lace on either side once you've threaded it through the remaining eyelets.

Step 7: Tighten the laces until all excess room is removed, then tie the laces across the tongues, or behind the tongues, whichever you prefer.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 "Smoke Grey" image of a white and grey shoe with black laces.
Credit: Mark Broadhead

After repeating this process with your second sneaker, your Jordans should be ready to wear again. As an aside, check out our list of the best places to buy Jordans right here if you're looking to add to your collection.

What type of shoelaces should you use?

The choice of whether to use flat or round laces comes down to personal preference, but Jordan 1s typically come with flat laces by default.

So, if you want to maintain the original look as seen on these "True Blue" Highs or the "Space Jam" Mids, for example, then we'd recommend sticking with the flats like these from Private Laces.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 Mid "Space Jam" product image of black leather pair of sneakers with icy blue outsoles.
Credit: Nike

In terms of the length, we'd advise going with 72" laces in order to complete the aforementioned method right the way up to the top eyelets.

Colour-wise, well this is a matter of preference and will vary with different models. For example, the obvious choice when it comes to these "Black White" Highs would be to go for either black, red, or white laces.

How to lace Jordan 1 - "Black White" product image of a white and black pair of high-tops.
Credit: Nike

However, that's not to say you can't mismatch with a completely different colour, like these bright yellow LitLaces, to completely switch up the tone of your shoes.

Are there other ways to lace Jordan 1s?

While our step-by-step guide details one of the most common ways of lacing a pair of Jordan 1s, it isn't the only method out there.

Halfway up laced and unlaced

This is perhaps the next most commonly used method of lacing Jordan 1s behind the cross-lacing approach.

In principle, the process is the same as with the previous method; the only difference is that once you reach the collar eyelets, you stop feeding the laces through the eyelets.

Instead, you can either tie the laces at the front midway up or behind the tongues depending on your preference.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 halfway up laces image of a black and blue sneaker with black laces that stop midway up.
Credit: Laces Out

This technique is similar to the loose method detailed in our guide to lacing Nike Dunks, so head on over there for more information.

Loosely crossed

Again, this style is similar to the first; however, the overall look is completely unique.


The premise is to simply skip the evenly numbered eyelets all the way to the top, thus giving a looser look, hence the name.

It's common to tie the laces together over the sneakers if you're taking this approach.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 loosely crossed laces image of a pair of white sneakers with blue overlays and white sneakers loosely crossed.
Credit: DNA Show

Straight bars

The final method is the furthest from the first in that, instead of crossing, the laces go straight across the Jordan 1 tongues like a bar, something we've also gone into detail about in our guide to lacing Converse.

To achieve this look, you start from the outside and weave the laces through each eyelet in an almost snake-like movement until you reach the top to tie them together.

How to lace Jordan 1 - Air Jordan 1 straight bar laces image of a white and blue sneakers with straight laces over the tongues.
Credit: DNA Show

Having said that, it's worth experimenting and figuring out what style works the best for you as there are almost an endless number of different lacing techniques you can use to personalise your Jordan 1s to suit your style.

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