Best Air Jordans 2023 - Our top picks from Nike's latest drops

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When searching for the best Air Jordans, it's important to consider what exactly it is you're looking to get out of the sneakers in order to determine which model is right for you.

For example, if you're looking for an amazing pair of basketball shoes to play in, then it may be worth considering something like the Air Jordan 37s. They feature the brand's latest and most advanced technology, engineered to give you the edge on the court.


However, if you're after a stylish pair for everyday wear, then something like the old-school "White Oreo" 4 or the reimagined "True Blue" Jordan 1s could be your answer.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite Jordan models from some of Nike's most recent releases to help you complete your sneaker collection in a way that suits your style and sports needs.

We've taken both looks and performance into account to ensure that, whatever it is you're looking for from a pair of Jordans, we've got you covered right here. As an aside check out our list of the best places to buy Jordans right here.

Before that though, here's our list of the best Air Jordans available now...

Best Air Jordans


Air Jordan 37

Best Air Jordans Jordan 37 product image of a light bone and black sneaker with a colourful outsole.
Credit: Nike

There have been so many great Jordans released over the years; however, when it comes to basketball, we feel it's hard to look past the latest Jordan model.

It's perhaps the most advanced basketball shoe available right now as Nike has focused specifically on take-off and landing by introducing Formula 23 foam for the first time to cushion you as you land and give you a greater energy return as you dive for the net.

To maintain lightness, Nike has also introduced a new variation of the classic leno-weave material which, according to the brand, also reinforces the uppers thanks to the tough Arkema yarn.


Ultimately, the Jordan 37s seriously stand out from the competition in terms of on-the-court performance, which is why we feel they fully deserve a spot on our list.

Air Jordan 4 "White Oreo"

Best Air Jordan 4 product image of a pair of all-white sneakers featuring a red Jordan logo.
Credit: Nike

Moving on to a specific colourway and the slightly more understated yet stylish "White Oreo" 4s which we feel are a great option to add to your daily sneaker rotation as they're arguably one of the best Jordan 4 colourways around.

Jordan wore a black version of the 4s when he scored "The Shot", a last-second buzzer-beater to win the 1989 NBA playoffs, leading to the Jordan 4s being one of the most popular models the brand produces.

However, these particular 4s feature a near all-white design bar the red embroidered Jumpman on the tongue, and grey accents on the midsole.


With Nike Air cushioning, these Jordans should be ideal for everyday wear as they're designed to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Air Jordan 1 High "True Blue"

Best Air Jordans - "True Blue" product image of a white, blue, and grey high-top sneaker with Jordan branding on the collar.
Credit: Nike

The Air Jordan 1 High "True Blue" is an absolute classic Jordan 1 colourway in the sense that it features distinct, bright tones across every panel.

The design itself isn't new though, as the "True Blue" arrangement first debuted on one of the original and best Jordan 3 colourways of all time - the "True Blue" Air Jordan 3.

Like the 1988 original, this high-top features bold shots of Blue and White with a hint of Cement Grey around the collar and heel. There's no 'elephant print' pattern here though, just a simple cool Grey hue.


So, if it's a bit of history you're after, make sure you consider this amazing "True Blue" design.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe"

Best Air Jordan 1 product image of a red, white, and black pair of sneakers.
Credit: Nike

The "Bred Toe" Jordan 1s take the crown as one of the best Jordan 1 Lows available right now thanks to their old-school style.

What we like about this shoe, in particular, is that it comes decked out in an adapted "Bred" colour palette, the main difference being the inclusion of white on the upper as opposed to black found on the original 1985 high-tops.

You'll also find the white 'winged' insignia on the back which pays homage to the "Bred" history and adds another retro element to this Jordan 1 that takes it above and beyond some of its competition.


Air Jordan 1 Mid "Taxi"

Best Air Jordan 1 "Taxi" product image of a pair of yellow, white, and black leather sneakers.
Credit: Nike

The "Taxi" Mids combine the Jordan 1s classic colour blocking with an iconic style that's been used ever since they debuted in 1985 on the feet of Michael Jordan himself.

Rather than the OG University Red accents, these Jordans arrive with bright yellow overlays reminiscent of the typical colour of a New York-style taxi, hence their nickname.

Ultimately, we're a big fan of the design and colour scheme of these 1s, hence their inclusion on this list and our list of the best Jordan 1 Mids around right now.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low "Reverse Mocha"

Best Air Jordan Travis Scott "Reverse Mocha" product image of a light brown pair of Jordan 1 Lows with red details.
Credit: Nike

One of the most sought-after sneakers released by Jordan in 2022 was the "Reverse Mocha" 1s launched in collaboration with Travis Scott.


The shoes sold out in seconds and now command a hefty price on the resale market, although their exclusivity isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this essentially makes them a hypebeasts dream as you'll be able to stand out from the crowd rocking these low-tops.

Design-wise, they feature various brown and beige tones complemented by bright red accents. They also feature the usual reverse Swooshes along the sides as per Travis Scott's signature style.

All in all, they're some of the most unique Jordans around right now and, in our opinion, are one of the best Jordan collabs we've seen so far. If you're not a fan of the colour scheme though, then make sure you check out the "Phantom Black" Travis Scott 1s instead.

J Balvin vs Air Jordan 2

Best Air Jordan J Balvin Jordan 2 product image of a light blue sneaker with cloud graphics towards the heels.
Credit: Nike

International music artist J Balvin teamed up with Nike to reveal these unique sky-blue Jordan 2s in 2022, and we think they instantly became one of the best sneaker collaborations we've seen.


The usual Jordan 2 silhouette remains the same, however, the overall aesthetic of these shoes is completely different to anything Jordan or Nike has dropped before.

For instance, the uppers are made from a ripstop material, while the heel overlays and interior lining feature cloud graphics accented by J Balvin's smiley face logo to resemble the sun.

They also feature reflective details which help make these shoes really stand out from the crowd.

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