Best Jordan 1 High 2023

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Finding the best Jordan 1 High may seem like a daunting task given the vast number of colourways to choose from. Fortunately, our list of top picks can help you add to your sneaker collection.

To say a vast number isn't an understatement either. The Jordan 1 debuted as one of the best basketball shoes around in 1985, and has one of the longest and most storied histories of any sneaker on the market.


And, while 37 different Jordan models have been made since, the immense popularity of the 1 that started it all is why it is still being made to this day.

Not only is it still being made, but the Jordan 1 is one of the most-sold sneakers ever, with the High being a particularly sought-after model alongside some of the best Jordan and Nike collabs of all time.

As a result, we've put together a list of our favourite Jordan 1 Highs released as of late based on their designs, as well as any unique features or historical significance behind them. That said, selecting a favourite is a subjective decision, so we have provided a wide range of designs and colour combinations to accommodate various different tastes in sneakers.

So, from one of the best Jordan 1 colourways around in the "True Blue" Highs, to a retro reimagining of an all-time classic in this "Lost and Found" release, our list has you covered if you're on the hunt for a new Jordan 1 to add to your collection. We'll make sure to update our selection when new designs, like the upcoming "Skyline" Highs, hit the shelves later this year. For now, here's our top picks...

Best Jordan 1 High

Air Jordan 1 High "True Blue"

We're kicking things off with the Air Jordan 1 High "True Blue" as it features a bright, bold colour scheme on top of the Jordan 1's iconic silhouette.

This isn't a new design though, as the "True Blue" theme first debuted on one of the original and best Jordan 3 colourways of all time - the "True Blue" Air Jordan 3.


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Like this 1988 classic, the "True Blue" High features bright blue and white with a hint of Cement Grey. There's no 'elephant print' pattern here though, with the tones staying true to the original Jordan 1 colour blocking.

On the whole, we feel this Jordan 1 colourway would be an excellent addition to any sneaker collection.

Air Jordan 1 High "Lost and Found"

Continuing with the old school theme, the "Lost and Found" colourway is a reimagined remake of one of the original and most popular Jordan 1's ever released - the Air Jordan 1 "Chicago".

While previous retro versions of the shoe have been released, this "Lost and Found" design aims to replicate what an original, 1985 "Chicago" would look like today by adding pre-aged and purposefully distressed details.

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For instance, the shoes feature pre-yellowed accents and cracked leather uppers to fabricate over 35 years of wear and tear.

The result is an original design brought back to life in the modern era.. but with a unique vintage twist. Overall, an excellent concept and an amazing sneaker.

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom CMFT 2 "Fire Red"

So far, we've discussed sneakers which pay homage to the rich history of the Jordan 1. However, we feel it's only right when talking about recent releases to mention one of Jordan and Nike's more recent innovations - the Zoom CMFT range.


Designed to be the most comfortable iteration of the Jordan around, the Zoom CMFT line kicked off part 2 of its development with this "Fire Red" release.

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Design-wise, the shoes feature the usual Jordan 1 colour blocking dressed in red, black, and grey; however, there are some notable differences. For example, the shoes are mostly made from what appears to be a suede material. The profile Swooshes also feature a 'cut-out' look as opposed to the usual overlay style.

All in all, we're a big fan of the design, hence the colourways inclusion in our list. And, while the Zoom CMFT range may not be to everyone's liking, we feel this particular release is worth checking out.

Air Jordan 1 High FlyEase "Lakers"

Speaking of innovations, this Lakers-themed Jordan 1 High is one of the most unique Jordans to drop as of late.

This modified version of the regal purple and vibrant yellow colour scheme sees these shoes feature a semi-laceless lock-in system. Instead of laces around the collar, you're given Velcro-assisted lockdown straps to secure your feet in place.

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While Nike FlyEase technology isn't new, we certainly haven't seen it used many times on a Jordan 1 High, or Jordans in general for that matter.

So, given their unique design and classic colour scheme, the Air Jordan 1 High FlyEase "Lakers" release is one we feel deserves a spot on our list.

Air Jordan 1 High "Black White"

We're rounding things off with this retro remake of the classic "Black White" Jordan 1 High. It's a simplistic colourway, but one that's stood out among all of the Jordan colourways ever released since it first debuted in 1985.


As its name suggests, the design is based on two tones - black and white. You get a white leather base, contrasted by black overlays to match the outsole and laces.

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The colour blocking is consistent with the original as well, making it a true throwback of a sneaker if you're a fan of the classic Jordan 1 style.

So, if it's an easy-to-pair, old-school design you're after, then this Jordan 1 is worth keeping in mind.

Frequently asked questions about the Jordan 1 High

With so many different styles of Jordan 1s available, you may have a number of questions about them. Don't worry because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Where can you buy the new Jordan 1 Highs?

As touched on in our lists of the best places to buy Jordans and sneakers, our number one place to visit for new Jordan 1 Highs is the Nike store as Nike is the owner and manufacturer of the sneakers.

More specifically, check out Nike's SNKRS launch page which lists all of its popular upcoming releases ahead of time, so you can plan ahead for your next Jordan purchase. You can also buy Jordans directly through this webpage as well.

If the high-tops you're after end up selling out though, then we'd recommend checking out resale sites like StockX or GOAT, both of which authenticate every sneaker purchase to ensure what you're getting is legitimate.

When do new Jordan 1 High shoes get released?

There's no set date or time when the new Jordan 1 sneakers get released. This includes everything from Highs, Lows, and even Mids.

The shoes can drop seemingly at random throughout the year, so our advice would be to regularly check the aforementioned SNKRS launch page to keep on top of what new Jordans are on the horizon and when exactly they're dropping.


That said, we aim to cover some of the most popular sneaker drops before they're listed on the SNKRS website, so make sure you check in with us at RealKit to get ahead of the crowd when it comes to the latest Jordan 1 Highs.