Best Jordan 1 Low 2022: Our top picks from the latest drops

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Choosing the best Jordan 1 Low is pretty tricky with the 1 regarded as one of the best basketball shoes of all time. Fortunately, we're here to help kick off your search in the best way possible with a list of some of our favourites.

Rather than focusing on an all-time selection, we've narrowed things down to some of the more recently released models, like the Eastside Golf Low, as there have been almost too many low-tops released over the years to count.


From there, we've based our picks on the price and design of these Lows, and have made sure to mention any other unique features that make these Jordans 1s stand out from the crowd.

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So whether you're looking for some of the best summer sneakers in these "Bleached Coral" 1s, or you're searching for a low-top variation of one of the best Jordan 1 colourways of all time in these "Bred Toes", we've got you covered with our list.

We've also highlighted a few upcoming releases to mark in your diary in case you want to refresh your wardrobe in the future. For now though, here's our list of the best Jordan 1 Lows...

Best Jordan 1 Low

Air Jordan 1 Low "Shattered Backboard"

Best Air Jordan 1 Low "Shattered Backboard" product image of a pair of white, black, and orange sneakers.
Credit: Nike

The "Shattered Backboard" colourway is one of the most iconic and highly sought-after designs in the history of the Jordan 1 as it's named after the moment MJ literally shattered a backboard in Italy in 1985 during a Nike exhibition game.


This particularly low-top variation combines black nubuck with white and orange leather overlays.

You also get the classic Nike Swooshes, the Jordan Wings insignias on the back, plus a modern-day Jumpman logo in blue on the tongue.

On the whole, we feel these sneakers would make for a great low-top pick if you're after a well-rounded pair of shoes from one of the best sneaker brands around right now.

Air Jordan 1 Low SE "Silver Toe"

Best Air Jordan 1 Low "Silver Toe" product image of a pair of black and silver sneakers.
Credit: Nike

We feel there's a lot to like about these "Silver Toe" Jordan 1s beyond their relatively inexpensive price tag that put them in the mix with some of the best Jordan 1s under 200 dollars.

For example, the usual white underlays have been swapped out for metallic silver, giving the shoes a unique design that is sure to stand when on your feet.

However, the "Silver Toe" does remain loyal to some of Jordan's roots. The silver details are contrasted with classic black panels, lining, tongue, and Wings logo, whilst the whole sneaker sits on top of the iconic white midsole.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a pair of low-top Jordans on a budget, then we feel these 1s are well worth considering.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe"

Best Air Jordan 1 Low "Bred Toe" product image of a pair of red, white, and black sneakers.
Credit: Nike

The "Bred Toe" Lows look to be a great option to consider for everyday wear that also draws a lot of inspiration from the original 1985 release widely regarded as one of the best Air Jordans of all time.


For example, this Jordan 1 features the same university red, white, and black colours from the classic "Bred". However, the arrangement on this Low differs slightly with the inclusion of the white across the middle and the slightly lower white Wings insignia on the heel.

The rest of the sneakers features a red toe box that includes the classic Jordan 1 perforations, and black panels across most of the rest of the face.

All in all, if you're after one of the most recent Jordan releases to add to your sneaker rotation, then we feel these low-tops could be your answer.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low "Reverse Mocha"

Best Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott "Reverse Mocha" product image of a pair light cream and brown sneakers with reverse Swooshes and red accents.
Credit: Nike

When it comes to collaborations, one of the most hotly anticipated drops of the year was the "Reverse Mocha" Travis Scott 1s.


The coming together of music and fashion saw these sneakers sell out almost immediately and, when you look at the design, we feel it's easy to see why.

The combination of sail and brown gives the shoes a natural, earth-like feel alongside Travis Scott's signature reverse Swooshes and "Cactus Jack" branding.

Moreover, their low-top silhouette should make the shoes easier to style and less restrictive for everyday wear, thus making them worth checking out in our opinion.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Bleached Coral"

Best Air Jordan 1 Low "Bleached Coral" product image of a pair of white sneakers with light pink and black suede overlays.
Credit: Nike

In our opinion, the "Bleached Coral" Lows would make a perfect addition to your summer sneaker rotation thanks to their light colour scheme and low-top design.

Moreover, while the colour blocking is kept in the Jordan 1s original arrangement, the materials used to build the sneakers are slightly different.

For instance, the white base layer is made from leather; however, the light pink panelling, along with some of the black overlays, appear to come in suede. As an aside, check out our guide to cleaning suede shoes right here.

Overall, these are definitely summery sneakers which, we think, would make for a great addition to any Jordan fans collection.

Frequently asked questions about Jordan 1 Lows

With so many different styles of Jordan 1s available, you may have a number of questions about them. Don't worry because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Do Jordan 1 Lows run big?

We've discussed whether Jordans run big before, but you may still be wondering how the Jordan 1 Lows fair.


Generally speaking, Jordans should fit true to size for everyday use and for on the court action, all the way through from the 1s to the 36s.

With that being said, you may find going a size up to be beneficial for playing in if you've got slightly wider feet as this should ensure your feet remain comfortable and supported, without feeling too tight and restrictive.

If you're unsure, you can normally find a size chart on Nike's website to give you extra peace of mind when purchasing your Jordans.

Are Jordan 1 Lows comfortable?

All Jordan 1s include Nikes Air technology in the midsole which should provide you with a strong starting point for comfort.

One of the most important aspects of making sure your Jordan 1s are comfortable though is to make sure you get the right fit.

We'd recommend leaving about a finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe as this will make sure your sneakers are bending in the correct place as it should align to the natural bend of your foot.

Do Jordan 1 Lows crease?

We've previously covered whether Jordans crease, but didn't focus specifically on the Lows.

Generally speaking, creasing is an inevitable part of wearing sneakers, and, no matter how much you try to avoid it, they will show signs of ageing like creasing through consistent wear.

Also, as the Jordan 1s typically come with stiff leather-toe boxes, you may find they crease easier than other shoes.

One of the ways you can try and avoid creasing is by adding foam or cardboard inserts after every wear to keep the sneakers straightened out at all times.

How do you lace Jordan 1 Lows?

One of the most common ways of lacing a pair of Jordan 1 Lows is to use essentially the exact same technique used to lace a pair of Jordan 1 Highs, you'd simply finish the process a little earlier.


Start by threading your shoelace through the first row of eyelets, then cross the two ends over in the middle and feed through the next eyelets up on the opposing sides.

Repeat this step all the way until you reach the top, making sure you leave another shoelace left on both sides to tie a knot.

For more information and a few alternative lacing methods, check out our guide to lacing Jordan 1s right here.

Where can you buy new Jordan 1 Lows?

We've previously gone into detail about the best places to buy Jordans and sneakers here.

In the article, we advise you to check out the Nike website as your first port of call for the latest Jordan drops.

It's also worth keeping in mind that Nike usually launches its newest footwear through its SNKRS page by listing upcoming releases slightly ahead of their arrival.

If you're not able to pick up the Jordans you're after directly through Nike, then we'd recommend checking out resale sites like StockX or GOAT which authenticates every sneaker purchase to ensure what you're getting is legit.

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