Best sneakers for fall 2023: Our top picks for the season

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If you're trying to find the best sneakers for fall to add to your seasonal rotation, then you're in the right place.

With such a varied lineup of top sneaker brands to choose from, including the likes of Nike, adidas, and Converse, narrowing things down to just a handful of great autumn shoes isn't necessarily a simple task.


Like our list of the best sneakers for winter though, we've decided to focus our attention on some of the more recently released options that are available now and which we feel are best suited to the cooler climate and seasonal colour palette.

Although winter may have arrived, we feel there are still plenty of sneakers which are worth considering adding to your collection in preparation for fall 2023.

So, from some of the best Air Jordans around in these "Rush Orange" AJKO 1s, to some of the best Vans shoes, like these "Borealis" Spunge vs Vans Authentics, we've rounded up our top picks right here to help inspire your next sneaker purchase.

With that being said, here's our list of the best sneakers for this fall...

Best sneakers for fall


Best Nike sneakers for fall - Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 "Certified Fresh"

Best sneakers for fall Nike Air Force 1 Mid '07 "Certified Fresh" product image of a black leather and brown canvas sneaker.
Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Model: Air Force 1 '07 | Colour: Off-Noir / Pecan | Material: Leather / Canvas

We feel these off-noir and pecan Air Force 1 Mids, often referred to as the "Certified Fresh" colourway, perfectly encapsulate what makes a good pair of sneakers for fall.

Firstly, the autumnal colour palette reflects the changing of summer as the sea of green plants and trees transitions into much darker shades of reds, yellows, and browns.


The sneakers also arrive with mid-cut collars that make them more closely linked to a pair of boots, which are typically the footwear of choice for many during the colder months of fall.

Ultimately, these Mids look to be an excellent addition to almost any autumnal wardrobe, especially as they're up there as some of the best Air Force 1s around right now.

Best adidas Sneakers for fall - END. x adidas Forum Low "Varsity"

Best sneakers for fall END. x adidas Forum Low "Varsity" product image of an off-white sneaker with burgundy and yellow accents.
Credit: END.
Brand: END. x adidas | Model: Forum | Colour: Off-White / Burgundy | Material: Leather

adidas’ Forum model has gone through several colour schemes since its debut in 1984; however, we feel it's actually these “Varisty” Forums in collaboration with END. that take the crown as the best sneaker collab for fall.


Like the Nike shoes above, these sneakers come dressed in a warm, autumnal colour scheme, combining off-white leather with red and mustard yellow stripes along the sidewalls to match the interior lining and outsoles.

On the topic of leather, their uppers should be rugged and resistant enough to withstand any potential rain which may arrive as the weather starts to cool down.

We’re also a big fan of the iconic X-ankle strap, which just adds another detail to the already fantastically designed END x adidas collab.

Best Jordan sneakers for fall - Air Jordan KO 1 "Rush Orange"

Best sneakers for fall Air Jordan KO 1 "Rush Orange" product image of a white leather and orange canvas sneaker.
Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Model: Air Jordan 1 | Colour: White / Orange | Material: Leather / Canvas

These "Rush Orange" KO 1s stand out to us as some of the best Jordan 1s to wear this fall.


The design is often compared to the “Syracuse” Dunk Highs as they feature similar two-tone white and orange colour schemes. However, the difference with these Jordan 1s is they feature a combination of leather and canvas that should help them stand out on your feet.

To continue their slightly more unique aesthetic, Nike adapts the usual Wings insignia on the collars with “AJKO” branding to cement their special edition status.

With higher-cut collars as well, these sneakers should be ideal for the colder, darker evenings that come with the change of summer into fall.

Best Converse sneakers for fall - Barriers x Converse Pro Leather High

Best sneakers for fall Barriers x Converse Pro Leather High product image of a brown suede sneaker with yellow laces.
Credit: Converse
Brand: Barriers x Converse | Model: Pro Leather | Colour: Brown / Egret | Material: Suede

If it’s a pair of top Converse sneakers you’re after this year, then these Barriers Pro Leather high-tops could be the shoes for you.


Made from brown suede, the colour scheme gives connotations of what were once green leaves falling to the ground and decaying, especially when combined with their unique yellow rope laces.

These sneakers don’t just feature a great colour scheme though, as the design has been inspired by The North Star, a 19th-century anti-slavery newspaper, which reflects Barriers’ efforts to educate with its statement-making fashion pieces.

On the whole, we feel there’s a lot to like about these Barriers Pro Leather high-tops that make them an ideal pick for your fall rotation.

Best Vans sneakers for fall - Spunge x Vault by Vans Authentic "Borealis"

Best sneakers for fall Spunge x Vault by Vans Authentic "Borealis" product image of a green and blue patterned sneaker with a white rubber midsole.
Credit: Vans
Brand: Spunge x Vault by Vans | Model: Authentic | Colour: Green / Blue | Material: Canvas

The debut of these "Borealis" Spunge x Vans Authentics brought with it a great option for you to consider adding to your autumnal wardrobe.


Made from lightweight canvas cotton, the uppers arrive in a green, almost yellow-looking tone, contrasted by a blue hue.

However, it's the pattern which we feel makes these shoes feel particularly autumnal. The design is not unlike the lines you'd see in the centre of a tree stump, giving us connotations of nature that reflect the earth going into hibernation for the winter.

All in all, the "Borealis" Authentics from Salehe Bembury's Spunge label look to be some of the best Vans to wear this fall.

Best budget sneakers for fall - Reebok Club C Revenge "Chalk Semi Orange Flare"

Best sneakers for fall Reebok Club C Revenge product image of a white leather and suede sneaker with light orange accents.
Credit: Reebok
Brand: Reebok | Model: Club C | Colour: Chalk / Semi Orange Flare / Core Black | Material: Leather / Suede

Reebok has kept things simple with a chalky white and light orange colour scheme for these Club C Revenge shoes which, we feel, are some of the best sneakers under 100 dollars or pounds available right now.

The shoes feature a retro look that nods to their '80s roots on the tennis court.

With vintage and old-school clothing very much in fashion right now, we feel it's hard to beat these Club C Revenge shoes if you're looking to amend your autumnal wardrobe on a budget.

Best comfortable sneakers for fall - Nike Air Max Scorpion "Lemon Wash"

Best sneakers for fall Nike Air Max Scorpion product image of a light cream and lemon wash sneaker with black Swooshes.
Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Model: Air Max Scorpion | Colour: Lemon Wash / Light Cream | Material: Flyknit

The Air Max Scorpions look to be some of the most comfortable sneakers to wear this fall thanks to the first-of-its-kind chenille Flyknit uppers combined with the huge Air bubbled in the midsoles built around the concept of "point-loading" for a better sensation and cushioning.


However, one of the most interesting aspects of these shoes is that they're the first sneakers made by Nike during the pandemic era, with the company using 3D VR design software plus various machine-learning and simulation tools to create something that's completely unique to previous Air Max models.

Moreover, the sneakers are made from 20% recycled content by weight to align with Nike's Move To Zero campaign and, in our opinion, further cement these are some of the best Air Max shoes around right now.

Frequently asked questions about sneakers for fall

With so many options to choose from, you may have a number of questions about what makes a good pair of sneakers for fall. Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

What sneakers should you wear for fall?

There’s not really a definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on personal taste and style. That said, there are a few things which we believe make sneakers slightly better equipped for the change of season.

For example, you may be more inclined to opt for something that’s a little more resistant to rain, like a pair of leather sneakers, as the weather starts to cool down, especially as December starts to approach.


You may also find mid and high-tops to be slightly warmer to wear once temperatures start to drop as they cover more of your ankle, thus giving you an extra layer of protection against the elements.

We’re also a fan of sneakers dressed in warm tones like yellow, orange, and red during fall as they reflect the general colour palette of the surrounding environment; however, you don't necessarily have to stick to this colour scheme.

Can you wear mesh sneakers during fall?

As touched on above, you may want to wear something a little more water-resistant than mesh sneakers in fall to help keep your feet dry once the rain starts to arrive.

However, fall isn't always the coldest of seasons, so there may be times when you need a pair of lightweight mesh or canvas sneakers for instance to keep your feet cool during warmer autumnal days.

Ultimately, it's your call as to whether you want to wear mesh sneakers during fall. Our only recommendation is to perhaps avoid wearing them during heavy downpours.

Where can you buy sneakers for fall?

Generally speaking, you can pick up most sneakers directly through the website or in-person stores of the brands that make them.


However, if you arrive at the store and find out that the sneakers you're looking for are sold out, then we'd recommend checking out resale marketplaces like StockX or GOAT, both of which authenticate every purchase to ensure your second-hand pick-ups are legit.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers, Jordans, and Dunks right here.

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