Best Sneakers For Fall 2023

A selection of cream and white adidas Sambas next to each other, one pair featuring yellow details, one with green, and the final with burgundy accents.
Credit: adidas

With the arrival of fall just around the corner, it's the perfect moment to refresh your footwear collection with the latest and most stylish sneakers that will seamlessly complement your autumnal ensembles. We've therefore put together a list of shoes that are poised to make a statement as the leaves start to fall and autumn begins to unfold.

Navigating through all the best sneakers on offer is a little overhelming. That's why we've focused on shoes that have released this year and harmonise with the rich, earthy tones of the season. As a result, you should find footwear to suit a variety of autumnal outfits, with the cooler weather taken into account.

Okay, there may not be a single "best fall sneaker", as personal preferences play a pivotal role. However, we're confident that the selection of shoes below, from some of the best Nike sneakers to great adidas footwear, cater to diverse tastes, resulting in this collection having something for everyone.

So, as the temperatures begin to dip, ensure your shoe collection is primed for the fall season with the assistance of our comprehensive guide. Let's delve right in...

Best sneakers for fall

  1. Nike Dunk Low "Light Orewood Brown"
  2. Sporty & Rich x adidas Samba "Beige Blue"
  3. Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy "Steel Blue Green"
  4. Air Jordan 4 "Photon Dust"
  5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 "Squirrel Friend"
Nike Dunk Low "Light Orewood Brown" product image of a light brown and pale ivory sneaker featuring red accents.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike Dunk Low "Light Orewood Brown"

Best Nike sneakers for fall

Inspired by Japanese Sashiko stitching, this "Light Orewood Brown" Nike Dunk Low is one we'd highly recommend checking out for fall as its natural, autumnal colour scheme makes it one of the best Nike Dunks for the change of season.

More specifically, the sneaker features a Pale Ivory upper adorned with complementary Orewood Brown accents, emulating the change from luscious green to brown and orange tones as the leaves begin to fall.

True to its inspiration, Sashiko-style stitching graces the toe box, eyelets, and heel tab, while subtle touches of red Nike branding are discreetly displayed on the tongue and insoles.

So, with a nod to Japanese heritage and with its stylish autumnal colour palette, we'd say this "Light Orewood Brown" Dunk low-top is well worth checking out to refresh your collection if a top-tier Nike sneaker is what you're after.

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Sporty & Rich x adidas Samba "Beige Blue" product image of a cream low-top featuring light blue stripes and details and a beige rubber outsole.
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Credit: adidas

2. Sporty & Rich x adidas Samba "Beige Blue"

Best adidas sneakers for fall

Continuing with the light, natural colour scheme, we have the Sporty & Rich x adidas Samba "Beige Blue", arguably one of the best adidas collabs available right now. The reason we think this is because it stays true to Samba heritage despite the overt influences from Emily Oberg's LA-based lifestyle brand.

The design showcases a monochromatic suede pattern on the front overlay and eye stay, paired with a creamy leather upper that, once again, reflects the change of season with a warm, more autumnal tone.

However, the iconic three stripes arrive in aqua blue suede, along with the heel tab and branding down the side, which we feel acts as a last nod to the bright blue skies of summer before fall slowly prepares us for the road to the festive season.

Supporting the shoe is a semi-translucent gum rubber sole unit, providing a subtle yet effective foundation for what is, overall, an excellent fall sneaker and a great low-top trainer in general.

The only thing we'd like to add at this point is that a third Sporty & Rich x adidas sneaker collaboration collection is now out, featuring perhaps some even more autumnal designs in the "Bold Gold" and "Collegiate Burgundy" Samba colourways.

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Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy "Steel Blue Green" shoes with a dark green hue constructed in a mix of ripstop and suede materials giving off a deconstructed archive inspired look
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Credit: New Balance

3. Stone Island x New Balance 574 Legacy "Steel Blue Green"

Best New Balance sneakers for fall

Next up we have one of the best New Balance shoes around right now in the "Steel Blue Green" Stone Island 574 Legacy. Although a great sneaker to wear all year round, we've picked it out specifically for fall due to those mossy green and brown tones that dress the upper, emulating the colour palette typically found in nature during fall.

Interestingly, the design derives from military influences, with the melding of green, brown, and beige tones as mentioned, helping the sneaker exude both style and flair for daily wear.

With the neutral colour palette as well, the sneaker can effortlessly complement nearly any outfit, placing the shoe in a powerful position amongst any sneaker collection.

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Air Jordan 4 "Photon Dust" product image of a pale grey sneaker with darker grey and vanilla accents.
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Credit: Nike

4. Air Jordan 4 "Photon Dust"

Best Jordan sneakers for fall

On to one of the best Air Jordans at the moment and the "Photon Dust" 4. Again, it's a shoe that brings that autumnal colour palette to your feet, thus making it a great option for fall.

Looking at it in more detail, the shoe provides a stylish combination of leather and suede, all of which arrive in shades of grey with subtle vanilla and cream hues intertwined into the design.

Jordan has added a unique twist to this release as well by replacing the mesh cage with a more tactile suede and distinctive cracked leather wings, while rubber guards fuse with the sole unit dressed in close-to-brown tones.

All in all, we'd say this is one of the best Jordan 4 colourways for fall as it utilises a fairly natural, autumnal colour scheme, and features a build that should suit the cool temperatures that come with the change in season.

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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 "Squirrel Friend" product image of a brown high-top featuring the white Converse All Star patch and light cream sole.
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Credit: Converse

5. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 "Squirrel Friend"

Best Converse sneakers for fall

Finally, we come to the "Squirrel Friend" Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, a shoe that we'd argue is the most stereotypically autumnal out of the lot. This is because it features an unapologetically brown upper, complete with an Egret-coloured sole unit and mudguard to match the laces and stitching.

Brown is perhaps the most commonly associated colour with fall, what with the leaves falling and the temperatures starting to drop. So, if you're after a sneaker that truly reflects the seasonal colour palette, this Converse high-top is a must-have.

Its high collar can also add an extra layer of protection around your ankle to guard against the elements once the season draws closer to winter, thus helping you stay comfortable as well as stylish as well.

Ultimately, the Chuck Taylor All Star is one of the best Converse models ever created, and this "Squirrel Friend" colourway complements the silhouette perfectly for fall.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

With so many options to choose from, you may have a number of questions about what makes a good pair of sneakers for fall. Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

What sneakers should you wear in fall?

The answer to this question isn't set in stone, as it varies based on individual preferences and styles. Nevertheless, there are a few factors that can make sneakers more suitable for the transition between seasons.

For instance, as the weather cools down, especially heading into December, you might lean towards options that offer better resistance to rain, such as leather sneakers and shoes featuring waterproof layers like GORE-TEX.

With colder temperatures, mid and high-top sneakers can also come into their own, providing added warmth since they cover more of your ankle and, therefore, guard more of your body against the elements.

In terms of colours, embracing warm tones like yellow, orange, and red is often a go-to choice for many during the fall months as they can harmonise with the natural colour palette of the surroundings. However, you don't have to stick to just these three colours, with blues, greens, and purple tones to some extent also reflecting the transition from summer into autumn. Don't forget some of the best white shoes and black sneakers either, which are almost always suitable no matter the season.

Can you wear mesh or knitted sneakers during fall?

As mentioned above, opting for footwear with better water resistance than mesh or knitted sneakers would be wise in the autumn months, as it can help prevent your feet from getting wet when the rain comes.

However, fall doesn't consistently bring the chilliest weather, creating situations where you might prefer a pair of airy mesh, knit, or canvas shoes instead. These can ensure your feet stay comfortably cool during warmer autumnal days. Therefore, it's worth keeping a pair in your rotation just in case.

Where can you buy sneakers once they've sold out?

If the sneakers you're interested in are no longer available, one of your best options is to try your luck at local shoe stores, as they might still have some stock left from the initial release of the shoe.

Another avenue to explore is resale platforms and marketplaces like StockX. These platforms can be valuable resources when you're having trouble finding a sold-out sneaker elsewhere. Keep in mind that you might need to pay above the original retail price, depending on the shoe's popularity. The advantage of using reputable resale platforms though is that they typically authenticate every purchase, safeguarding you from potentially buying counterfeit second-hand items.

In cases where the above options don't yield results, you might be left with the somewhat uncertain possibility of waiting for a potential restock of the sneakers you desire. Retailers occasionally restock in-demand shoes if there's sufficient demand, but this isn't always a reliable strategy as restocks are never guaranteed.

For more comprehensive insights, you can refer to our detailed guide on the best places to buy sneakers, as well as Jordans, Dunks, and more. And, if you're looking to offload some of your collection, why not take a look at our list of the best places to sell shoes as well?

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