Best places to buy Jordans: Our top picks to build your sneaker collection

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If you're a sneaker fan like us, you probably wonder where to best places to buy Jordans are, especially as the sneakers are some of the most popular and highly sought-after shoes ever made.

This is, in part, due to the immense popularity of Michael Jordan himself who's widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players, if not sports athletes, of all time.


As a result, the original Jordan 1s became an instant hit after their arrival in 1985, and have gone on to inspire several of the best basketball shoes since, including the latest Jordan 37s.

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So, to help you find your own iconic pair, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite retailers for both new and old Jordans based on their selections, returns policies, and ease of use.

From the latest drops, like the new "Black Taxi" 12s, to some of the best Jordan 1 colourways from the past, our list of top sites should be the perfect place to kick off your search.

Best places to buy Jordans


Nike website image in the Jordans subsection with in forum advertised.
Credit: Nike

We'd argue there's no better way to pick some of the best Air Jordans than directly through Nike, the owner of the Jordan brand.


The site is simple to use, allowing you to filter all things Jordan by simply clicking on the Jumpman logo in the top left.

The site also features a separate SNKRS launch page that highlights upcoming Jordan releases and confirms any rumoured release dates which we strive to cover here at RealKit.

Moreover, Nike has a 60-day (30 days in the UK) returns policy in which you can try out your purchase before deciding on whether the Jordans in question are right for you.

As a result, we feel it's definitely the place to go if you're looking to pick up some of the latest Air Jordan arrivals.


StockX website image with "Heritage" Air Jordan 1s advertised.
Credit: StockX

We've featured StockX before in our list of the best places to buy sneakers as we believe it's one of the simplest places to find and buy Jordan's second-hand.

StockX effectively treats reselling sneakers like the stock market, providing you with information on how prices fluctuate over time so you can come to a more informed decision on whether it's the right time to pick up a new pair.

Not only that, but StockX authenticates every purchase to ensure the Jordans you receive are legitimate so you don't end up spending money on counterfeits.

Unfortunately, being a sneaker resale site, it doesn't currently offer returns. However, the company does recommend reselling your Jordans through the site if you're not completely sold on your purchase.


GOAT website image with all the latest just dropped sneakers featured.
Credit: GOAT

Whether you're looking for some of the best jordan 4s or some of the most iconic sneaker collabs, GOAT's second-hand sneaker auction should have you covered.


The site makes buying sneakers simple by allowing you to bid on or buy a pair of Jordans instantly, then GOAT sends you your purchase after subjecting them to the company's thorough authentification process.

Furthermore, the company offers a 3-day returns policy for New In Box, New No Box, and GOAT Clean purchases that are in the same condition as when shipped, helping to make sure you're completely satisfied with your order.

Ultimately, we feel GOAT is a simple-to-use sneaker auction site that makes buying both new and old Jordans a little bit easier.

Flight Club

Flight Club website image advertising "Heritage" Air Jordan 1s.
Credit: Flight Club

Flight Club was first established in New York in 2005 and has since become one of the leading places to buy some of the most hyped sneaker drops around.


The website makes finding Jordans simple by allowing you to filter, not only for a specific colourway, but also for Air Jordans, then again by model via the drop-down menu in the top right.

Once again, being a secondary sneaker market, Flight Club currently states that all sales are final. However, the company does recommend contacting customer support if you have any specific requests or concerns.

On the whole, we feel it's hard to look past Flight Club for some of the most hyped Jordan releases as it is one of the most well-renowned second-hand sneaker stores around.


Laced website image with the "Military Black" Jordan 4s promoted.
Credit: Laced

If you're looking to pick up a pair of Jordans in the UK, whether that's Mids, Highs, or even some of the best Jordan 1 Lows, then we'd recommend checking out Laced.


What we like about the site, in particular, is that the new releases tab allows you to instantly access the latest Jordan arrivals from a simple drop-down menu. This can also help you stay up-to-date with all the latest and best drops.

Laced is another marketplace for sneakers, so doesn't currently offer returns; however, each purchase is authenticated to ensure the Jordans you receive are real before sending them to you.

Overall, we believe Laced to be one of the best places to buy Jordans around, especially if you're based in the UK.

Frequently asked questions when buying Jordans

When it comes to buying Jordans, there are usually a ton of questions that pop up.

Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

Can you send Jordans back after the returns deadline?

The answer to this question varies depending on where you brought your sneakers from.


Nike, for instance, still accepts returns after its deadline as long as the sneakers come back in an unworn condition.

However, most shops tend to not offer full refunds on returns made after their policy deadline.

If you're still unsure, then we'd recommend checking out the help or FAQ section from the website you're planning on buying from to see more information about specific returns.

Can you buy Jordans once they've sold out?

You may feel like your opportunity is gone once the Jordans you're looking to buy sell out. However, you still have two ways in which you can pick up the sneakers.

Firstly, you can wait to see if the Jordans in question are restocked. This is good if you're looking to pick them up for retail; however, it's worth keeping in mind that not every release gets a restock.

Your other option is to buy them second-hand. As highlighted in our list, we'd recommend sites like StockX and GOAT where they authenticate every purchase to ensure you're getting the real thing.

When do new Jordans get released?

New and remade Jordans are released pretty much all year round, with Nike themselves often being the ones to confirm the launch dates.

At RealKit though, we look to cover all the latest rumours and release date news ahead of time to keep you informed with all the latest drops.

Release dates can be subject to change though, so we'd recommend keeping that in mind, even if Nike has announced an official launch date.

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