Best Converse collabs 2023: Our top sneaker picks

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Converse has partnered with a ton of brands and celebrities over the years. However, if you're a sneaker fan like us, you may be wondering what are the best Converse collabs around right now to add to your collection.

Fortunately, we've put together a list of what we feel are the most unique, interesting, and perhaps even the best Converse shoes available from some of the brand's more recent collaborative releases.


Why focus on more recent drops? Well, simply put, some of the older releases aren't as readily available as they once were. For example, the Off-White x Converse All-Stars from 2018 are great, but are also fairly pricey these days.

Therefore, by focusing on a more current selection, as we did with our list of the best Vans collabs, it means you shouldn't have to break the bank to add any of our top picks to your sneaker collection.

That said, as more and more collaborations are released throughout the year, we'll come back and amend our list according to what we believe are the best sneaker collabs Converse has to offer.

For now, though, let's dive into our list of top picks...

Best Converse collabs


ADER error x Converse Chuck 70 Hi "The New Is Not New"

Best Converse collabs - ADER ERROR x Converse Chuck 70 Hi "Create Next" product image of a white pair of sneakers with ripped blue overlays.
Credit: Converse

If you're looking to add a completely unique pair of Converse to your sneaker collection, then we feel it's going to be hard to look past this ADER error collab.

Its design is brilliant for two reasons. Firstly, they feature fragmented Blue canvas sections and purposefully pre-aged details to help you stand out from the crowd.

However, the second reason why we're a big fan is that, underneath the bright Blue overlays, you'll find what is essentially just a regular White pair of Chuck 70s. As a result, the shoes strike a nice balance between familiarity and bespoke detail, something that's not always that easy to achieve.

Other more subtle design details include the custom lace dubraes, plus the "The New Is Not New" branding featured throughout. All in all, there are so many great design elements here that it's hard to not include them on our list.


DRKSHDW Rick Owens x Converse TURBOWPN High "Black Cloud Cream"

Best Converse collabs - DRKSHDW Rick Owens x Converse TURBOWPN High "Black Cloud Cream" product image of a black and off-white leather pair of sneakers.
Credit: Converse

Rick Owens has had his fair share of Converse collaborations over the years. However, this TURBOWPN High release is, in our opinion, one of the best.

The DRKSHDW brand has rejuvenated what was originally one of the best basketball shoes around. It features an almost entirely new aesthetic to give the sneakers a completely different feel and sense of purpose.

For instance, you get chunky off-white midsoles, DRKSHDW branding, and black leather throughout to complement the high-top silhouette and give a slightly smarter look to the shoes.

Of course, there are hints of Converse in there as well, namely the logo on the side. However, much of this sneaker has been altered to give the shoes a brand new lease of life.


A-COLD-WALL* x Converse Geo Forma Boot "Volt"

Best Converse collabs - A-COLD-WALL* x Converse Geo Forma Boot "Volt" product image of a pair of Volt Yellow and Black high-top boots.
Credit: Converse

Moving on to this A-COLD-WALL* x Converse collab which throws the rulebook of what a conventional pair of Converse sneakers looks like out the window.

Their futuristic design is said to offer a blend of functional utility and progressive style, resulting in the inclusion of elevated lugged outsoles, a bright Volt and Black colour scheme, plus a zip-up lock-in as opposed to traditional laces.

There are also several co-branded elements as well, including A-COLD-WALL*'s logo printed multiple times on the heel which we feel gives a slightly rebellious feel to the overall design.

Ultimately, this collaboration may not be to everyone's taste given its rather eccentric design. However, the boots are certainly unique, so we felt they earned a spot on our list.


Patta x Experimental Jetset x Converse Chuck 70 "Fiery Red and Diva Blue"

Best Converse collabs -Patta x Experimental Jetset x Converse Chuck 70 "Fiery Red and Diva Blue" product image of a pair of white sneakers with red and blue arrows pointing down along the sides.
Credit: Converse

Moving on to a three-way collaboration now with this Patta x Experimental Jetset x Converse Chuck 70 release.

According to Converse, the design is inspired by unexpected city exploration and what the streets tell us when we let them speak for themselves.

As a result, you'll find bright red and blue arrows printed onto the white canvas base layer, which defy the traditional North, South, East, and West directions to promote the idea of letting your feet wander to see where they take you.

Overall, though, the design is far more muted than some of our previous entries, which we feel makes these sneakers an ideal option to consider for everyday wear.


Stüssy x Converse One Star Pro "8-Ball"

Best Converse collabs - Stüssy x Converse One Star Low "8-Ball" product image of a pair of green low-tops with a black pool 8-Ball on the side.
Credit: Converse

We're rounding things off with this Stüssy x Converse One Star Pro "8-Ball" collaboration which expertly nods to the history of both brands.

What do we mean by this? Well, Stüssy's OG 8-Ball logo features front and centre on the medial side to give the shoes an instantly recognisable symbol of underground street style.

You then get the unvarnished foxing in reference to classic Chucks, and rough suede uppers that wouldn't look out of place in the '90s.

The colour scheme is pretty distinct as well, with the shoes dressed primarily in Green Flash to deliver what is, overall, a bold street style for the next generation. Therefore, we believe these Converse shoes would make a great addition to any sneaker collection.


Frequently asked questions about Converse collabs

If you have any questions about Converse collaborations, we've got you covered. We've answered some of the most frequently asked queries below.

Where can you buy Converse collabs?

There are several places where you can pick up Converse collaborations, the first being directly from the Converse store.

Alternatively, you can pick up new Converse sneakers through Nike as Nike now owns Converse as a subsidiary brand.

Nike also has a launch page called SNKRS, which lists some of its most sought-after upcoming drops, including Converse collabs, ahead of time. The page even allows you to set reminders so you're ready to buy upon arrival.

We'd also recommend always checking the website of the brand Converse is working with. A brand may drop a new collab early, or have exclusive access to its launch, so make sure you always double-check.


Our final recommendation, particularly if you miss out on a chance to buy a Converse collab through retail, is to check out second-hand marketplaces like StockX or GOAT.

Both companies are particularly great as they authenticate every purchase you make to ensure the second-hand shoes you're buying are legitimate to reduce the likelihood of you spending money on counterfeits.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

When do new Converse collabs get released?

It's almost impossible to pin down an exact date and time when new Converse collaborations are released.

In the past, we've seen Converse work with an array of different brands, artists, celebrities, etc. throughout the year, with the collaborative sneakers dropping seemingly at random.

However, there are some instances where you can predict when a new Converse collab could be released. For example, if a design ties into a holiday such as Christmas, or if it ties into an anniversary, then it's easier to know roughly when a Converse collab will drop.


As touched on earlier as well, make sure you keep an eye out on Nike's SNKRS launch page, as it will often provide details on when a sought-after Converse collab will drop ahead of time, thus giving you time to prepare.

That said, we try to cover any new drops ahead of time on RealKit. So, if you're looking for the latest Converse collabs, make sure you check in with us to see what's on the horizon.

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