Best Air Jordan 1 under 200: Our top budget picks

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If you're looking for the best Air Jordan 1 under 200, then you've come to the right place.

With its first release in 1985 in a red and black colourway known as the "Bred", the Jordan 1 has become one of the most iconic sneaker silhouettes of all time over the years.

As a result of the immense popularity of the sneakers, the original design has been modified and reissued hundreds of times, and has even spawned 37 subsequent iterations since.


Therefore, we've decided to put together a list of our favourite Jordan 1 colourways available now under the 200 dollars or pounds mark to help you find the right Jordan 1s to suit your style on a budget.

From standout Lows, like these "Reverse Bred" 1s, to some unique high-tops, like these "Crater" Zoom 1s, we've rounded up the very best budget picks right here.

We've also answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the first Jordan model to help you figure out which 1s are right for you. and your style With that in mind, let's get into it...

Best Air Jordan 1s Under 200


Best all-round Air Jordan 1 under 200 - Air Jordan 1 KO "Rush Orange"

Best Air Jordan 1 Under 200 "Rush Orange" product image of a pair of white and orange sneakers.
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Credit: Nike

In our opinion, the "Rush Orange" KO 1s stand out to us as some of the best Jordans available right now for any budget.


The design is often compared to the “Syracuse” Dunk Highs as they feature a similar two-tone colour scheme. The difference with these Jordan 1s is, however, that they feature leather and canvas uppers that should make them stand out on feet.

Nike has also adapted the usual Wings insignia on the collars with “AJKO” branding to cement their special edition status.

Their bright white and orange colour scheme also earns them a spot on our list of the best fall sneakers, so it may come as no surprise we're featuring them again here as one of our best budget picks.

Best Air Jordan 1 under 200 for comfort - Air Jordan 1 Zoom CMFT "Stadium Green"

Best Air Jordan 1 Under 200 "Stadium Green" product image of a pair of white, green, and black sneakers.
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Credit: Nike

Jordan's Zoom CMFT collection is designed to be an ultra-comfy variation of the 1s that you can wear all day and remain comfortable.


We feel "Stadium Green" version is a great budget option to consider as it still maintains a number of classic Jordan 1 features we've grown to love like the Wings logo, the perforated toe box, and a full-length Zoom cushioned midsole underfoot.

On the upper, you get a combination of suede and denim-like materials in green and white respectively which completely contrast the original "Bred" colour palette.

The design is rounded off by contrasting black accents on the laces and logos, offering a unique look for a relatively low price.

Best Air Jordan 1 Low under 200 - Air Jordan 1 Low "Reverse Bred"

Best Air Jordan 1 Under 200 "Reverse Bred" product image of a pair of black and red sneakers.
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Credit: Nike

If you're looking for a low Jordan 1 that closely resembles the original, then this "Reverse Bred" sneaker could be your answer.


As the name suggests, it comes decked out in all the original "Bred" colours, just swapped around to create a slightly more unique but still classic design.

The Swoosh logos run across both the lateral and medial sides, while the Jumpman logo and Wings are embroidered onto the tongue and heel in red and black respectively.

The white midsoles feature Nike's Air technology, designed to make these shoes comfortable to wear for all occasions and therefore a great low-cost and low-top option to consider.

Best Air Jordan 1 Mid under 200 - Air Jordan 1 Mid SE "Varsity Purple"

Best Air Jordan 1 Under 200 "Varsity Purple" product image of a pair of white and purple sneakers.
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Credit: Nike

This "Varsity Purple" Jordan draws inspiration from the "Court Purple" colourway launched in 2020 as it takes on a similar white, black, grey, and purple colour palette.


The panelled upper is crafted using a unique blend of suede and leather, with Nike’s signature Swoosh running neatly across both the lateral and medial sides in black.

Underfoot, you get the classic white Jordan 1 midsole which includes Nike's Air technology, but the "Varsity Purple" provides a slight twist with the inclusion of the purple sole.

On the whole, we feel the Mids are well worth considering if you're searching for a lower-cut Jordan 1 that won't break the bank.

Best Air Jordan 1 High under 200 - Air Jordan 1 High Zoom "Crater"

Best Air Jordan 1 Under 200 "Crater" product image of a pair of grey fabric sneakers.
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Credit: Nike

The Jordan 1 "Crater" is sometimes referred to as the "Space Hippie" as it borrows many of the collection's environmentally friendly elements, making it one of the most sustainable Jordan's ever made.


It is made out of recycled materials, made evident by the mismatched rubber scraps used to create the completely unique outsole.

Above, you'll find a wolf grey upper crafted from reused canvas, plus a red strip down the heel to provide a contrasting pop to the dark grey colour.

You also get an exposed foam collar and tongue, a style that is growing increasingly popular when it comes to some of the best Air Jordans around.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Jordan 1s

With so many different styles of Jordan 1s available, you may have a number of questions about them. Don't worry because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Do Air Jordan 1s run big?

We've discussed whether Jordans run big before, but you may still be wondering how Jordan 1s fair.


Generally speaking, Jordans should fit true to size for everyday use and for on-the-court action, all the way through from the 1s to the 36s.

With that being said, you may find going a size up to be beneficial for playing in if you've got slightly wider feet as this should ensure your feet remain comfortable and supported, but aren't fitted too tight that your movement becomes restricted.

If you're unsure, Nike normally has a size chart you can use to compare the size of your feet to the size they recommend for added peace of mind.

Are Air Jordan 1s comfortable?

All Jordan 1s include Nikes Air technology in the midsole which should provide you with a solid level of comfort for everyday use.

Some Jordan's, like the "Stadium Green", go a step further and introduce Zoom into the mix which, Nike boasts, makes them an ultra-comfy version of the 1s.

One of the most important aspects of making sure your Jordan 1s are comfortable though is to make sure you get the right fit.


You should have about a finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe as this will make sure your sneakers are bending in the correct place in conjunction with the movement of your foot.

Also, it's important to ensure your Jordan's are laced correctly. For more information, check out our guide on lacing Jordan 1s right here.

Do Air Jordan 1s crease?

We've previously covered the question do Jordan's crease, but haven't focused specifically on the 1s.

Generally speaking, creasing is an inevitable part of wearing sneakers, and, no matter how much you try to avoid it, it will happen through constant wear.

Creasing is most likely to occur in 1s that feature a leather toe box as this is where the shoe is most likely to bend.

One of the ways you can try and avoid creasing is by adding foam or cardboard inserts after every wear to keep the sneakers straightened out at all times.


How do you lace Jordan 1s?

The answer to this question depends on which style you choose, which is something we've gone into more detail about in our guide to lacing Jordan 1s right here.

However, if you're after a look that's similar to how Jordans are presented in Nike's official images, then the best way to start is by creating a straight bar with your shoelace between the first row of eyelets.

You then want to feed each end up and through the next eyelet up on the opposite side, making sure to cross directly in the middle and your shoelaces remain flat.

Repeat this until you reach the top where you can either tie the two ends of your shoelace together or tuck them into your Jordans.

How do you clean Jordan 1s?

To start the cleaning process, we'd recommend removing the laces from your Jordan 1s, placing them in a bowl of warm water and mild detergent, and then using a damp cloth to clean any surface stains with a dedicated shoe cleaner.


We also suggest using a soft-bristled brush to remove some of the loose dirt and debris from the surfaces and the soles of your shoes.

Once your sneakers are clean, make sure you leave both the sneakers and laces to dry naturally and away from any direct heat. For more information on this, check out our guide to cleaning Jordan 1s right here.

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