Shoes Like Jordan 1s

A red, white, and black Air Jordan 1 Low on top of a white box.
Credit: HamZa NOUASRIA

A red, white, and black Air Jordan 1 Low on top of a white box.
Credit: HamZa NOUASRIA

The Jordan 1 is an iconic sneaker, first designed by Peter Moore and released in 1985, revolutionizing the perception of performance shoes. Today, certain colorways aren't always easy to come by though, often leading sneaker enthusiasts on a quest for similar alternatives.

Many of the best Jordan 1s command astronomical prices on the resale market, making them inaccessible to most fans. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of excellent sneaker alternatives that are generally more affordable and share design similarities with the classic Jordan 1. If the best Air Jordans are out of reach, our guide has you covered with these fantastic substitutes.

Shoes like Jordan 1s

  1. Nike Dunk - may be the closest relative
  2. New Balance 550 - a great alternative from New Balance
  3. Nike Blazer - a retro offering similar to the Jordan 1
  4. adidas Forum - best choice from adidas
  5. BAPE SK8 Sta - a skater-heavy option to consider
Nike Dunk product image of a white and green high-top sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike Dunk

The Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk are often compared due to their uncanny likeness. It's no coincidence the two are so similar though as Peter Moore, the man behind the Jordan 1, also designed the Dunk. Therefore, if you're after something visually similar, this could be the sneaker for you.

The Dunk also has a similar history to the Jordan 1. Both were released in 1985, and both were built for basketball. However, while one was designed for one of the leading stars in the NBA, the other was marketed towards collegiate athletes.

As an added bonus, a typical Nike Dunk colorway retails for slightly less than a comparable Jordan 1. So, you're not only getting a similar-looking shoe with a Dunk, but you're also saving money as well.

All in all, this is an excellent alternative to consider for your shoe collection, made better by the fact it's made by one of the best sneaker brands around.

New Balance 550 product image of a white and red sneaker with black details on the heel.
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Credit: New Balance

2. New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 isn't as visually similar to the Jordan 1 as the Dunk. However, its overall shape does draw plenty of parallels with the Jordan 1 Low, despite being made by a completely different sportswear company.

Perhaps one of the reasons why there are some similarities is because the 550 was also originally made for basketball in the '80s. Unlike the Jordan 1, however, the 550 was discontinued after its initial run, and was only recently brought back in full in 2021.

Upon its return, New Balance has dropped several classic colorways for the 550, including a "True Red", "Nightwatch Green", and a "Team Royal" design, all of which can be compared to some of the original Jordan colorways from its initial run.

It's also worth noting that there's a high-top variation known as the New Balance 650 as well. So, if you want something more closely related to the Jordan 1 High, New Balance, again, has your back.

Nike Blazer product image of a white high-top with a black Swoosh.
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Credit: Nike

3. Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer debuted in 1977 and, in our opinion, it's clear some inspiration was taken from its design to formulate the Jordan 1's shape and style.

Visually speaking, the two are fairly similar. Both feature large, expressive Swooshes along the sides as well as chunky sole units. The high-top iteration of the '77 Blazer is also one of its most popular models, much like how the High is one of Jordan's.

Again, it's worth mentioning that the Blazer started out in life as one of the best basketball shoes on the market, helped exponentially by George “The Iceman” Gervin's endorsement at the time.

That said, while there are a handful of similarities, the Blazer stands out on its own as a great addition to your wardrobe. With exposed foam, grey suede overlays, and classic Nike branding on the heel, the Blazer is an absolute classic in our eyes and up there as one of the best Nike shoes of all time.

adidas Forum product image of a white sneaker with blue accents, sole, and lining.
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Credit: adidas
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4. adidas Forum

The adidas Forum is arguably the least like the Jordan 1 from a visual standpoint. However, the shoe had a similar upbringing and is perhaps the closest relation you'll find from adidas if you're loyal to the brand.

It's another shoe with its roots firmly planted in basketball, with top NBA stars like Patrick Ewing wearing this excellent adidas model on the court in the '80s. As a result, there are some design similarities. For instance, the midsole is also fairly chunky, and, face-on, the two definitely strike a likeness thanks to a similarly perforated toebox.

However, there are some noticeable differences between the two. For example, the Forum features adidas' famous three stripes down the side as opposed to Nike's Swoosh, plus you get a unique collar strap across the tongue.

So, while the Forum is definitely like a Jordan 1, it stands out on its own as an excellent sneaker for everyday wear these days, and a top alternative to consider.

BAPE SK8 Sta product image of a brown suede sneaker with red accents.
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Credit: BAPE

5. BAPE SK8 Sta

Moving away from basketball now with the BAPE SK8 Sta. It doesn't have a long history in the sport like the Jordan 1, nor is the model any cheaper to buy at retail. No, the Sk8 Sta makes our list through its visual likeness.

Now, it may be a little closer to a Nike Dunk or some of the best Air Force 1s aesthetically speaking. However, as the Jordan 1 is often compared to the Air Force 1, we can definitely see some similarities in the design.

The star along the side, for example, is akin to Nike's classic Swoosh. Also, the overall color blocking is not a million miles away from what you'd find on a typical Jordan 1 Low.

The sole unit is also a similar size and shape, as is the style of the BAPE-branded tongue tab. Therefore, the BAPE SK8 Sta is up there as one of the closest non-Nike sneakers to the Jordan 1 we've come across.

And that's it! Hopefully, you've found yourself a great alternative to the Jordan 1 to add to your collection. Make sure you check out our list of the best sneaker deals because you might just be able to save yourself some money picking up any of these great shoes.

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