When is PUBG Mobile Season 20 due to start & what's on the way

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds went from stride to stride and one of its biggest moves was the release of PUBG Mobile. Now 19 seasons down, we're all geared up for the launch of Season 20.

Here's when it's due to arrive

LATEST - Season 20 Is Just Hours Away

Season 20 is due to arrive today, although the specific time for its release is still a little uncertain.

We will update here as soon as we know when you'll expect to see it.

When Does Season 20 Start?

Now we finally know when we will see Season 20. That being said, we had a good idea of when we were due to see it. Season 19, the last PUBG Mobile season, ended on July 12th. Unlike other games, PUBG Mobile doesn't always start their following season instantly.

As expected, this is the case this time around and Season 20 won't be starting on July 12th

Season 20 is scheduled for release on July 14th and should go ahead unless some major issues happen in-game

What Are We Going To See?

At the moment, we don't know for sure. PUBG recently received a new map in the 12.2 Update and we could see this expansion of content reflected in PUBG Mobile. However, there is news that PUBG Mobile and Tesla have reached an agreement that would see branded products available in-game.

With this in mind, we could see Tesla-branded outfits and/or weapon skins in the near future. We could even see a Tesla replace an in-game vehicle for a limited time, depending on how expansive this partnership is.

There's also been the usual slew of rumours that suggest there's going to be Royale Pass skins for the Kar 98k, S686, and AWM. However, these rumours have been made without much evidence so it's worth taking everything with a pinch of salt.

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