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Here's when you'll be able to pre order NHL 22

NHL 22 won't come out for another few months, but fans are already thinking about when they can pre order the game.

Here's everything there is to know about NHL 22's platforms, editions, price, and when you might be able to pre order the title.

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NHL 22 Release Date

EA always drops the game at least a month before first puck drops for the NHL season.

Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko skates up the ice in NHL 22.
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NOT TOO FAR AWAY: NHL 22's release is only a few months away so don't let it sneak up on you!

Right now, there isn't an established release date for NHL 22 yet, but judging by past years we can get a good idea of when that will be.

NHL 21 released on October 13, 2020, but that was later than usual because of development delays brought on by the pandemic. In normal years, the game releases either the second or third Friday in September.


If this pattern continues, NHL 22 will probably drop sometime between September 10, 2021 and September 17, 2021.

Last year, NHL 21 offered three days of early access before its official release, but this was only for fans who pre ordered the deluxe or Great Eight editions of the game. Fans can expect this to stay the same for NHL 22.

When can you pre order NHL 22?

There isn't any official details about NHL 22's pre order yet, but we can look at previous years to get a good estimate

NHL 21 pre orders went up on July 21, 2020, so it's fair to assume NHL 22 pre orders could go live in a month or two.

It's very possible pre orders become available after EA Play Live on Thursday, July 22. This would make sense as the title's pre orders typically go up a few months before the game is released. Pre orders will certainly not be live until the editions and cover athlete are announced.

You’ll be able to pre order NHL 22 from all major retailers including Amazon, GAME (UK), GameStop, and of course the PlayStation and Xbox stores.


NHL 21 was priced at the typical $59.99 on current gen consoles, but with next gen tech expected for NHL 22, a $69.99 price for the Standard Edition is expected.

The $10 price difference between platforms is the standard for sports games.

Bruins center Patrice Bergeron facing off in NHL 22.
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NO SURPRISES: NHL 22's price for next gen and current gen is typical of all sports games.

However, there will certainly be some special versions of the game that will cost more. Last year's Great Eight Edition cost $79.99 and the deluxe edition cost $69.99. Fans can expect whatever special editions that come out this year to be around the same price.

Pre Order Rewards

EA NHL always makes sure its most avid fans who pre order the title receive plenty of benefits.

NHL 22 pre order rewards varied based on the edition of the game purchased. The better and more expensive editions, came with more extensive benefits. But, there are some overarching rewards that everyone who pre ordered NHL 21 got, so those will help us predict what you might gain from ordering NHL 22 in advance of its release.

Capitals winger Alex Ovechkin staring down the competition in NHL 22.
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ULTIMATE EDITION: Last year's Ultimate Edition highlighted Alex Ovechkin, who will get the nod this year?

NHL 22's pre order bonuses will likely include special HUT packs, World of Chel hockey bags, and other cool features.

Like last year, special edition pre orders will also probably come with three days of early access.

If you're looking to get a sneak peak at NHL 22, click here for details about the game's trailer.

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