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NHL 22 HUT Players are hoping for key changes this year

NHL 22 HUT players are hoping for some key updates and features to the game mode once the game launches.

It looks like they'll be getting their wishes granted with the upcoming NHL 22 X Factor reveals.

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If EA wants to continue to grow its online platform, adding in just a few of these features along with the recent additions they'll convince players that EA is indeed listening.


UPDATED - X Factor reveals on the way!

Players should be excited to launch NHL 22 this year and hop on Hockey Ultimate Team, especially with the addition of X Factors to the game.

50 players in NHL 22 will have X Factors applied to them, separating the best from the rest in this years game.

An X Factor image in NHL 22
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CONTORTIONIST: Become an acrobat in goal this year with this X Factor

The X Factors will be separated into six categories, with a total of 29 X Factors in the game.

To read the full report of all the X Factors coming to the game, follow this link!

Here's how NHL 22 can make HUT better than ever!

Bring Incentives to Peer vs. Peer HUT play

One of the most outstanding complaints facing NHL 22's Hockey Ultimate Team is the lack of rewards for peer vs. peer games. As it stands, if you decide to play against your friend's Hockey Ultimate Team, you get nothing when the game concludes.

Ryan Suter, Minnesota Wild Defenseman, takes a shot on goal
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HE SHOOTS: Ryan Suter takes a shot on goal against the Montreal Canadiens

Since players are buying cards every week online NHL 22 needs to do a better job rewarding their players for incorporating their friends.

With something as simple as rewards for peer vs. peer games in Hockey Ultimate Team, EA could take a leap in player retention in NHL 22.


HUT cards should be tweaked in NHL 22

There are plenty of problems surrounding purchasing cards in NHL 21, like the inability to buy more than two packs in 24 hours. However, NHL 22 could make cards exciting again by giving players a chance to level up all cards to 99, providing they use them in games.

EA could make players even happier by creating a "stat tracker", that way players can tell just how well a card is performing.

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Adjust the "Hit-Deflection Bubble" & "Self-Sauce Glitch"

Anyone who plays NHL 21, likely has run into a time in which they checked an opponent but due to the timing of "hit-deflection", the check failed. To be fair, there are ways to defend yourself from a check in hockey but protecting the puck doesn't always mean protecting your body.

Another of these glitches comes in the form of the "self-sauce glitch", a glitch there are countless videos on of players exploiting an in-game malfunction.

Golden Knights Goalie, Marc Andre Fleury waits in goal, preparing for a shot.
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PROTECT THE PUCK: NHL 22 should improve on last year's shortcomings

With just a little bit of tweaking EA can help NHL 22 become a better game, not just for Hockey Ultimate Team players, but all NHL 22 players.


Next-Gen Gameplay

With updates to current generation consoles and the release of next-gen consoles, we expect NHL 22 will be a visually captivating game on all platforms.

Next-gen consoles have stunning graphics cards in them already from the factory, giving EA the opportunity to create an incredible visual experience in NHL 22. Although we've yet to see a reveal trailer or any footage, EA won't miss their chance to set a new standard.

Release Date

The release date set for NHL 22 is October 15th, 2021 and we got our first chance to play during the Closed Technical Test.

To keep up with everything we know surrounding the game, including our reveal trailer countdown, follow this link!