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20 Aug 2020

NHL 21 - Official Reveal Trailer Announced by EA

NHL 21 - Official Reveal Trailer Announced by EA

Is gameplay footage coming? We should know a lot more about this year's NHL game after EA's upcoming reveal.

We haven't gotten very much about what will come with NHL 21, but EA have just given us a timeline on the Official Reveal Trailer!

According to a tweet from the EA NHL Twitter account, we'll have our first look at the new game on 24 August.

NHL 21 first look announcement tweet 1

And thanks to the EA NHL Youtube channel, we now know when the Official Reveal Trailer will premiere, which is 11am EST on 24 August.

The NHL 21 Official Reveal Trailer could reveal a lot of different things, including a release date, gameplay footage, demo, new features, cover stars, and more.

The last major look into NHL 21 fans got was through the last Development Update. It revealed how EA were approaching NHL 21 from a developmental perspective.

This approach includes a focus on current-gen features rather than creating a next-gen exclusive edition of the game.