PS5 Controller Leak - Patent, Design, concept, features, release date & more

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The DualShock 5 controller is the next gamepad to release from Sony.

The controller will release alongside the PlayStation 5, a competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

The PlayStation 4 controller (DualShock 4) had some unique features with its exclusive touchpad. This allowed players to use a touch screen like interface on the controller to interact with the system.

This made using keyboards very easy on the PlayStation as well as navigating menus.

With the latest patent leak, there are plenty of new features we can expect.


With the latest leaks, we know Sony is looking into including ‘Biofeedback’.

This involves measuring heart rate and sweat through the controller’s pads.

ps5 controller dualshock
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DUELSHOCK - PlayStation is still behind their Xbox counterparts when it comes to controllers

With this technology, developers can change the pace of a game dependant on how focused or tense the player is.

This feature can be most effective in horror games, where
the surroundings of the player are not affected by other people but can be manipulated
by the developers.

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For example, if the player’s heart rate is low and is detecting they are calm, the game can throw in a sudden jump scare to keep them on their toes.

Wireless Charging

There are also mentions of wireless charging in the leak.

This will most likely involve a pad in which the controller will sit on while not in use.

ps5 dualshock controller
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INTO THE FUTURE - Sony could be taking us to technology never seen before

Because of this, you won’t have to constantly be plugging in your controller when you forget to charge it after a long gaming session.

Unfortunately, this will probably not allow you to charge
your controller while playing, due to the area of effect of current wireless
charging systems.

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Either way, this is a huge step in the right direction for current
gamepad controllers.


Release Date

The DualShock 5 controller is set to release with the next PlayStation system, the PlayStation 5.

COUNTDOWN - We are just eight months away from the PS5 launch

Sony officially announced the console will release before the holiday period of 2020.

However, we have no official, accurate release date for the console, and will have to wait for an official announcement from Sony regarding this.

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