NBA 2K24: VC glitch for MyCAREER

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant

MyCAREER has always been the most popular game mode of the NBA 2K franchise, and that didn't change in NBA 2K24. Players are always searching for the best builds, jumpshots, badges, or animations, which will help them take over the league and The City.

However, to acquire all of the above, and upgrade their character attributes, players need to have a lot of VC. Unfortunately, the easiest way to get VC is by buying it with real currency, and at ridiculously high prices. But a glitch that allows players to earn huge quantities of VC without having to pay has been discovered.

So, without further ado, let's find out how you can earn huge quantities of VC in NBA 2K24 for free.

MyCAREER VC glitch

NBA 2K24 is the most "pay-to-win" edition in the history of the franchise. To upgrade their MyCAREER character to a point where they can be competitive online, players need to spend a lot of money on VC.

Because of that, any way players can earn VC or even MT for free is welcomed. This glitch allows players to do just that in a simple and fast way.

NBA 2K24 animations menu
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There are two different ways to perform this glitch. One for new-gen consoles, and the other for old-gen. The glitch is much easier and faster to do in old-gen consoles. But new-gen console players should still try out the glitch, as it will also help them gain plenty of VCs.

Let's take a look at what you need to do to successfully perform this glitch.

NBA 2K24 VC glitch on old-gen

As mentioned above, this glitch is quite easy to perform in old-gen consoles.

First, you should create a new MyCAREER character. That's because this glitch will impact your badge progression and stats, and you don't want that to happen to your main character.

After creating your character, you want to play as many MyCAREER games as possible, and foul out in every single one of them. Yes, you heard that right, you just need to foul out. So, make sure to spam that Square or X button when the opponent has the ball.

Even if you foul out of a game, you still receive the full contract rewards. So, this is a very easy and fast way to gain VC. You can then use the VC to improve your character or spend it to upgrade your MyTEAM squad.

VC glitch for new-gen

When it comes to the new-gen, fouling out of a game won't be enough to reap all the contract rewards. Instead, you want to accumulate five fouls, and just play out the reaming of the game.

NBA 2K24 Badge system
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This way, the game will end faster, meaning you have access to more VC in a faster way as well. Yes, it's not as effective as the old-gen glitch method, but it's still a faster way to win VCs than playing a full game.

Since microtransactions are the name of the game for NBA 2K24, every advantage "free-to-play" players can have is very useful, and needs to be utilized to the maximum.

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