NBA 2K24: Best shooting badges

NBA 2K24 Jordan Poole taking a jumpshot

NBA 2K24 Jordan Poole taking a jumpshot

The long-awaited NBA 2K24 has launched, and we can finally enjoy improved gameplay and game modes. Thus far, we revealed the new badges, and we talked about the introduction of a new badge progression system. Now, it’s time to discuss the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24.

By now, you probably know how to shoot and what are the best jumpshots in NBA 2K24. We have a total of 20 shooting badges in NBA 2K24. Three are removed from this year’s title (Clutch Shooter, Amped, and Volume Shooter), while seven new ones are added.

Let’s check out all three tiers of shooting badges and see some which are the best in the game.

Badges in NBA 2K24

As mentioned above, 24 new badges were introduced in NBA 2K24. At the same time, some old ones were removed. These changes have gathered mixed reactions from the 2K community, with some players not happy with the badges that were removed.

NBA 2K24 badge system
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Before we give you a list of the five best shooting badges in NBA 2K24, let’s see all 20 badges and their tiers.


  • Limitless Range - Extends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively from deep.
  • Agent 3 - Improves the ability to make spin or pull-up shots from three-point range.
  • Green Machine - Gives additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots.
  • Space Creator - Increases a player's ability to hit shots after creating space and cross up an opponent on step-back moves.
  • Blinders - Jump shots taken with a defender closing out in their peripheral vision will suffer a lower penalty.
  • Whistle (NEW) - Improved chance at getting to the free throw line when attacking the rim or shooting a jump shot.


  • Catch and Shoot - The receiver's ability to knock down jump shots gets a boost after catching a pass.
  • Claymore - Increases the ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up patiently.
  • Deadeye - Jump shots taken with a defender closing out receive less of a penalty from a shot contest.
  • Middy Magician - Boosts the effectiveness of pull-ups and spin shots from the mid-range area.
  • Spot Finder (NEW) - Improves a player's ability to quickly get open and raises the chances of knocking down the shot.
  • Hook Specialist (NEW) - Increases a player's ability to make hook shots out of the post.
  • Float Game (NEW) - Improved ability to make floaters and runners while attacking the basket.
  • Post-Fade Phenom (NEW) - Allows a player to make post-fades and hop shots out of the post at a higher clip.


  • Slippery Off-Ball - Players can better navigate through traffic when attempting to get open off screens.
  • Comeback Kid - Boosts shooter's mid-range and three-point shot-making abilities when trailing in a game.
  • Corner Specialist - Deep range shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost.
  • Guard Up - Increases the ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to properly contest.
  • Free Points (NEW) - Improved ability to knock down free throws with the game on the line.
  • Open Looks (NEW) - Enhance a player's ability to make wide-open jumpers.

Best shooting badges in NBA 2K24

These are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24. Having these badges is mandatory, especially if you want to be a lethal scorer.

NBA 2K24 badges
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There are many great badges in NBA 2K24.

Because of the new badge system, some of the badges might be harder to upgrade than others. Without further ado, let's take a look at them.

Spot Finder

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Players who excel at three-point shots will find the Spot Finder badge very useful. It helps them to locate an open spot on the court using the "Get Open" technique.

Once the player gets the ball, the badge also boosts their accuracy when shooting. This badge is particularly appealing to the ones who tend to rely on three-pointers to win games.

Post-Fade Phenom

Post-Fade Phenom badge is specifically designed for players who prefer playing in the paint. It enhances their ability to make shots out of the post, making it a valuable asset for players who build Centers and Power Forwards.

Free Points

Free Points badge can benefit any player, regardless of their build. It increases efficiency from the free throw line in clutch time, which is the critical last few minutes of the game.

NBA 2K24 Stephen Curry
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There isn't a better shooter in NBA 2K24 than Stephen Curry!

Every player should have a go-to play that they can execute off of inbound, get a player open, and make a shot. By giving that player Free Points and an effective pick, they can make every clutch shot count, earning more wins online.

Limitless Range

If you love deep three-point specialists such as Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard, this has to be one of the best shooting badges in NBA 2K24 for you.

With the Limitless Range badge, you can hit a triple from pretty much everywhere on the floor. Given that most of the shots from long distance are uncontested, your player could make a lot of threes.

Agent 3

Pull-up shots are usually contested, unlike catch-and-shoot. If you have a player who already excels at three-point shots, this badge will further improve his shooting. Agent 3 will improve not only pull-up shots but also spin shots.

Those were the five best shooting badges in NBA 2K24. However, here are some honourable mentions:

  • Whistle
  • Hook Specialist
  • Corner Specialist
  • Slippery Off-Ball
  • Space Creator
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