NBA 2K24: Best animations

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant

NBA 2K24 allows fans to experience various new game features and improved gameplay. With the introduction of ProPLAY, animations and movements are more realistic than ever.

We already discussed the best builds, such as the best center and power forward build. That is only one piece of a puzzle in your MyPlayer build in MyCareer mode. Now, you want to add flashy animations to leave an impression on the hardwood.

There are hundreds of available animations in NBA 2K24. Some are free, while some will cost you Virtual Currency. There is no rule written in stone or a definitive answer to the "What are the best animations?" question.

However, in this article, we provide what we think are the best animations in NBA 2K24.

Best animations in NBA 2K24

It’s important to note that the attributes of the MyPlayer build will factor in the animations you want to equip. Height, weight, and wingspan are just some of those attributes, so we advise you to pay attention to the requirements before deciding on your build.

NBA 2K24 animations
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You can buy animations in the animation store.

We talked about the best jumpshots and how to change animations, but now we’ll tackle the best animations in NBA 2K24.

Best dribbling animations

There are numerous dribbling animations to choose from, so picking the right one for your MyPlayer build can be tricky. Below are some of the best dribble animations in the game.

Dribbling animations in NBA 2K24
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Dribble past your opponents in NBA 2K24
  • Dribble Style – Michael Jordan. Without a question, Michael Jordan’s dribble style is the best in the game. This animation comes with a Height Under 6'10" and Speed with Ball 75+ requirements.
  • Signature Size-Up - Paul George. If you are looking for speed boost moves, Paul George's signature size-up is what you need. It has a Height Under 6'10" and Speed with a Ball 75+ requirements.
  • Size-up Escape Package - Damian Lillard. Dame has very fast speed boost moves and an excellent step-back. Height Under 6'10" and a Ball Handle 90+ are the requirements for this animation.
  • Moving Crossovers - Zach LaVine. LaVine has the fastest-moving crossover in the game, and with the requirements pretty low, it is one of the best animations in NBA 2K24. It only requires a Ball Handle 75+.
  • Moving Behind the Back - Zach LaVine. Again, Lavine's moving behind the back is the best option. The requirements (Height Under 6'10" and Ball Handle 75+) should be relatively easy for you to achieve.
  • Moving Hesitations - Luka Doncic. Thanks to low requirements (Ball Handle 75), any build can equip it.
  • Moving Stepback - Luka Doncic. Doncic’s effective stepback will create a lot of space so that you can score buckets uncontested. The only requirement is a Ball Handle 80+.

Best pass style animations

There are many passing styles in NBA 2K24, but some have different requirements than others. Some also stand out by being very quick, harder to intercept, or quite deceptive.

NBA 2K24 Stephen Curry
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Below you will find all passing styles in NBA 2K24, together with their requirements.

  • LaMelo Ball - This is by far the best passing style in NBA 2K24, as it's incredibly fast, hard to intercept and very deceptive. Because of that, most players have this passing style equipped. You can also equip it as long as you have at least 85+ Pass Accuracy.
  • Nikola Jokic - The Nikola Jokic passing style makes it almost impossible for your opponents to steal the ball. This is perfect if you are a player who is more focused on facilitating than scoring. You need to have an 80+ Pass Accuracy to equip it.
  • De'Aaron Fox - Fast as lighting, is the perfect way to describe the De'Aaron Fox passing style. To equip it, you will need to have a 79+ Pass Accuracy.
  • Jason Williams - A very deceptive passing style, that allows you to perform a plethora of unique passes. You need to have a 90+ Pass Accuracy to equip it.
  • Fundamental - An all-around balanced passing style you can equip from the get-go.
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  • Stephen Curry - Yet another fast passing style. You need to have at least 80+ Pass Accuracy to use it.
  • Tyrese Haliburton - A balanced passing style which is faster than most. 89 + Pass Accuracy to equip it.
  • Lebron James - The king also has a balanced passing style, despite not being the fastest in this list. You need an 86+ Pass Accuracy to equip it.
  • Damian Lillard - Balanced passing style, with an 81+ Pass Accuracy requirement.
  • Ja Morant - Not the best passing style but also not the worst one. However, we advise you to pick one of the above. You need a 75+ Pass Accuracy to use it.
  • Domantas Sabonis - Decent passing style, doesn't excel in anything in particular. 75+ Pass Accuracy to equip it.
  • Trae Young - Balanced passing style, with an 80+ Pass Accuracy requirement.
  • Magic Johnson - A unique passing style for one of the best passers of all time. You need to have an 85 + Pass Accuracy to equip it.

Best dunk animations

We conclude our best animations list in NBA 2K24 with dunk animations.

Dunk animations in NBA 2K24
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Slam that rim with ferocious dunks
  • Two Foot Moving Dunks - Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers off Two. This dunk style is very fast, and it has fairly low requirements (Driving Dunk 75+ and Vertical 55+) to boot, which is always a bonus.
  • One Foot Moving Dunks - Uber Athletic Tomahawks off One. The Driving Dunk requirement (90+) is pretty high, but if you can meet it, your player will be unstoppable in the paint. Another requirement is Vertical 70+.
  • Standing Dunks - Two Two-Hands Under Basket Athletic. If you look to finish strongly in the paint, this option is the best for big guys. It requires a Standing Dunk 80+.
  • Alley-Oops - Zion Williamson Alley-Oop. These Zion Williamson alley-oops are devastating, aggressive, and great fun, so if you can meet the requirements, make sure you get them. Requirements are Driving Dunk 87+ and Vertical 60+.

Those were the best animations in NBA 2K24. Hopefully, this will help you build your MyPlayer, and dominate the court!

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