NBA 2K23 will have 20 Shot Meters, see all 5 available at launch

We're finally learning more about NBA 2K23 gameplay improvements this year, and among those are a ton of new Shot Meters.

We've got details on all the Shot Meter changes coming to NBA 2K23 and how players will be able to unlock all 20 different options.

NBA 2K23 will have 20 different Shot Meters with only 5 available at launch

After giving a first look with the teaser trailer, NBA 2K23 gameplay is finally taking the spotlight on the road to launch.

2K dropped a bomb of info today about gameplay improvements all across the board, but one many players will be focused on are the new Shot Meters.

Nothing can have a bigger impact on your overall gameplay than finding the Shot Meter that works for you, and NBA 2K23 will give players five different options to use at launch, all of which you can see in action below.

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They've also revealed that 20 different Shot Meters will eventually be available, but the other 15 options will be unlockable through Seasons as the year goes on.

Those unlockables will likely be tied to MyCAREER, but 2K has yet to drop details about the year's first Season and rewards.

See every Shot Meter available at launch

While you can watch them in action one-by-one in the video above, we've also taken the time to bring them together for a clearer look.

Below, you'll see each of the five with their own little shape and positioning around your player.

NBA 2K23 Shot Meter meters
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YOU CHOOSE: These 5 Shot Meters will be available at launch

In addition to being able to customize the overall look, NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang revealed an additional setting in the works.

While it didn't make it into this reveal or the official Courtside Report, they're working on a new controller setting to let players customize your ideal release point in shots.

The idea behind this feature is allowing players to decide if they'd rather their perfect shot release point be "early near takeoff or late closer to the wrist flick."

Wang also clarified at the end of his tweet revealing the feature that they are "still working out the kinks," so this could be something added in one of the early title updates depending on how that development progresses.

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