NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide to success in The City

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER marks another year of players trying to chart their path to success with a custom created MyPLAYER.

Whether you're new to next gen and The City or just looking for some guidance, our NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide will help put you on the path to success.

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide (Next Gen / The City)

While there are many different ways to play NBA 2K23, one of the most popular modes year over year tends to be MyCAREER.

As exciting as it can be to create a full team dynasty or play with a dream five in MyTEAM, nothing compares to seeing yourself (or a character of your creation) on the court in MyCAREER.

With difficult decisions right out of the gate as you create your MyPLAYER and some early challenges in The City, we're going to break down some of those first moments and how you can get started the right way.

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GET READY TO WIN: Starting right can make a massive difference

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It's also important to clarify that this NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Guide is specific to the next gen or new gen experience players get in The City.

Unfortunately, 2K continues to keep things very different on current gen, and that means anyone on Xbox One, PS4, or PC will have a fairly bare bones MyCAREER by comparison.

Which position and MyPLAYER build is the best?

How you prefer to play will be the biggest influence on which MyPLAYER build is right for you, and players shouldn't be afraid to try several different options.

Whether you want to use the Test Build feature in MyPLAYER creation or simply play a few games with a build before starting a new one to see how things feel, there's no limit to how many you can make.

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FIND YOUR FIT: Builds that work for some may not be the perfect one for you

On top of that, there is significant VC investment down the line as you upgrade your player, and you won't get that VC back if you change your mind and decide to run a different build.

Point Guard builds tend to dominate each year, and we've got more details here on some of those top builds.

Another good option for beginners can be going with a tall Center, but there are strengths at every position and you'll need to figure out your own playstyle to know what'll be most enjoyable.

Which team should you choose in MyCAREER?

While earlier years kept things a bit less certain, you get the option to manually select your NBA team at MyCAREER creation in NBA 2K23.

It'll be an easy choice for some who simply want to play for their favorite team, but knowing which one is the right fit for you can be a challenge.

The story itself seems almost entirely unaffected with your draft position remaining identical, but your rival's team will vary based on which you pick.

Once you know which build and position you'll be using for your main MyPLAYER, look for a top team that is weaker at that position.

If you want to help guarantee starting time and create a more complete unit with the chance for success, filling in those gaps with a team that's strong at other positions is absolutely your best call.

How to use Leadership Skills

One of the earliest dilemmas faced by your character will be choosing The General or The Trailblazer in your Summer League game.

However, the choice is made to seem much more mutually exclusive than it actually is, as you'll want to earn both General and Trailblazer Skill Points in MyCAREER.

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide Leadership Skills
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BALANCE: You'll likely want a mix of General and Trailblazer Skills

You can mix and match the Leadership Skills at will, so pick whichever fits your character's personality for the first game and then take a look at the skills you have to choose from.

It's good to keep in mind which you'll need points to unlock, and from there make your dialogue choices lean towards whichever type of Leadership Skills you need Skill Points for.

Welcome to the League & Brand Development

The first series of quests you'll take on are linked with Welcome to the League, and these early objectives are required to get to the full MyCAREER experience in The City.

In order to start working on your brand development and truly advance the biggest quests like Courting Calloway or It's a Cole World, you'll first have to finish Welcome to the League.

This means you'll need to follow those quest objectives and play several NBA games, but your early playing time being lower could speed up that process.

It's also good to know early on which Endorsements you'll be most interested in, as long-term brand development will set you up well for those.

We've got more details here on Endorsements and how you'll be able to sign with Nike, Jordan, and more major companies.

The easiest way to upgrade your Brand will be pregame fashion walks as they happen before every single game, and you'll want to make sure you're wearing clothing that benefits the Brand Levels you'll need later on.

Finally, make sure to watch for Daily, Weekly, and Season quests that refresh frequently, and make sure to snag your Free Daily Reward each day in MyCARER.

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