NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder REVEALED: Ratings, Badges, Takeovers, & Builds

We're on our way to more reveals but now players are happy to check out the new NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER builder.

This year it seems to have received a massive upgrade, giving you the chance to capitalize on full control and putting together new builds.

Let's take a look at what has been revealed so far.

NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder (First Look)

We're set to have a very immersive NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder after a first look was revealed by a few content creators.

The videos showcase a new builder that seems pretty complicated but once the game releases we should be able to test it ourselves.

This screenshot is from a YouTube release by NannysMuffins:

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As you can see there are a few new additions to the NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder. It also seems that with each change another attribute will change at the same time as well.

There were also a few builds that were revealed that weren't in NBA 2K22, we'll take a look at those below.

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New NBA 2K23 Builds (so far)

New builds were revealed during the recent NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER builder reveal. This is great because many were using the same build.

One that stood out to us is the Defensive Anchor build for the power forward position. We're not sure how it works yet but we'll know once the game releases.

NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder
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We know for sure that a few of the builds will return such as the Stretch 4 build which was a favorite last year.

Here are a few of the new builds we noticed:

  • Defensive Anchor
  • 3 & D Wing

The new NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER builder will definitely provide you with more customization this year.

NBA 2K23 Release Date

The official NBA 2K23 release date is on September 9, 2022, which is only a few days away. This gives us our first look at the new NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER builder.

There are still a few more reveals coming including The City which we'll get to take a look at in a few days.

NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder
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COMING SOON: Get ready for an immersive MyPLAYER experience

Once the game is released we'll be able to test out the NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder ourselves, and we'll share the information with you.

To keep up with some of the MyCAREER information, follow this link.

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