NBA 2K22 The City: Locations Guide - Matchmaking, Gym, Courts, Pink Diamond Plaza

NBA 2K22 is constantly evolving with more locations popping up everyday. One of the most recent quests requires a trip to Pink Diamond Plaza in The City.

With so many different The City locations to be found, some on the map and some not on the map, we've got details on all The City locations you need to know about in NBA 2K22.


We've got a new fun quest in NBA 2K22 The City where you can transfer your MyCAREER player over to your MyTEAM roster. Currently, it will make your MyPLAYER an 88 OVR Ruby.

This quest is pretty easy because all you'll need to do is head over to the Pink Diamond Plaza. If you're wondering where that is, you'll head smack dab in the middle of NBA 2K22 The City.

NBA 2K22 The City New Quest
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CENTER OF THE CITY: You'll head to the middle of town to do this quest

Once you find the Pink Diamond Plaza, head to the desk in the front and create your MyPLAYER card. You can also design the card to have different animations as well.

For more on the MyTEAM transfer details in The City, follow this link! We also cover how to do the transfer on current gen systems as well.

NBA 2K22 The City Locations Guide

Hit the streets of The City with confidence this year in NBA 2K22 by knowing how to find a couple of key locations within the vast area.

Your apartment, where to snag the Daily Reward, and various courts are all locations you'll want to keep in mind.

Apartment (Fast Travel)

As of now, the main place you'll find yourself in The City and the only one you can fast travel back to is your Apartment.

Located on the far east side of the city, you can also hit RB / R1 to trigger the fast travel option while exploring The City.

Once there, you'll usually have quests connected to your friend Ricky, as well as the TV hub you can view for your next MyCAREER game and other details.

Daily Reward Map Location

Probably the most important location you want to immediately familiarize yourself with is the Daily Reward in The City.

You'll be able to head here once every 24 hours to snag a reward which can vary in rarity and value, but you never wanna miss out on free stuff.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations Daily Reward Location
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You can see the map location above, and it should be easy to find as you'll be looking for a large Wildcats statue in that spot northwest of The City center.

Game Mode Locations in The City

When you're already in The City, you can always choose to simply back out and quit the mode before selecting a different game mode to enter.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The game mode location
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However, a few of those game modes have a building in The City which you can instead head to and use as a portal to launch other game modes.

  • The Rec & Pro Am: Both of these are located directly south of The City center in large buildings that shouldn't be too difficult to spot.
  • MyTEAM: You'll find the MyTEAM building just northwest of The City center, not far from the Daily Reward location.

Freeplay & Mini Games Courts

There are a handful of courts scattered throughout The City which are branded and offer freeplay and mini games.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The courts
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Here are just a few you'll be able to watch for and where they're located:

  • Adidas Court: East of City center, the easiest way to get to this court is to fast travel to your apartment and head one block west
  • Puma Court: Due west from the Daily Reward and City center, this court is right next to The Factory
  • Mountain Dew Court: North and slightly east of City center, you'll find this near the North Side Knights City Hall and next to the Kobe court
  • Mobil 1 Court: Due east of City center, you'll find this near the Beasts of the East Rooftop City Slam

Matchmaking Buildings

You'll find a handful of matchmaking locations throughout The City which allow you to play in slightly different circumstances.

The Warehouse, which is located north of City center near the Kobe and Mountain Dew courts, allows you to play 3v3 versus NBA players.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The Warehouse
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The Old Gym, which is located due east of City center behind the Gatorade Gym, allows you to play 3v3 games with no squads allowed.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The Old Gym
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The Factory, which is located due west of City center near the Puma court and several stores, will offer 3v3 games in the cages.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The Factory
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The Market, which is far east of City center by the South City Vipers Rooftop, will give the option of playing 1v1 games.

NBA 2K22 The City Map Locations The Market
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Ante-Up, which is by Pro Am and The Rec just south of City center, is a new game mode with high stakes pickup games where you put VC on the line in each game.

Gatorade Gym Workout & Practice Locations

Two other key locations you'll likely find yourself at frequently are the Gatorade Gym and Team Practice.

Gatorade Gym, which is located just east of City center by The Old Gym, is where you'll do workout mini games and find court rentals.

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Team Practice, which is just west of your apartment and by the Adidas court, is where you'll be able to go through drills and practices.

If you're looking to find the agency of your choice in MyCAREER, or are still trying to decide between Palmer Athletic Agency and Berry & Associates, we've got more details on that here.

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