NBA 2K22: How to fast travel in The City

The release date of NBA 2K22 is right around the corner and we're getting pumped up now that we've learned more about The City.

Although it's a next gen exclusive, we're still excited to check out some of the brand new features being brought to the game. The most recent, a brand new way to fast travel.

Let's kick off our walking shoes and learn about the new way to move in NBA 2K22 The City.

How to fast travel in The City

Moving throughout The City is about to get a lot easier. After a series of leaks via @2KIntel, we now know that you'll be able to fast travel between parks in The City via subway!

For now, we assume this is going to only be from park to park, so don't toss out the skateboard just yet. However, when traveling on this huge map, a fast travel system is going to be crucial.

The City map in NBA 2K22
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FAST TRAVEL: Move swiftly through The City in NBA 2K22

Just by taking a quick glimpse at the map you can see how far apart everything is and being able to jump between parks with ease will help you grind out games.

Fast travel between more than just parks?

What we're hoping for, considering The City in NBA 2K22 is going to be much larger than NBA 2K21, is fast travel between notable locations.

We know that we'll be able to move between parks, but what about between Quests? Maybe a way to fast travel close to your MyPLAYER penthouse apartment when you become MVP of The City?

The City image from NBA 2K22
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BECOME AN MVP: Run The City by leveling up to MVP in NBA 2K22

Here are some places we hope to be able to fast travel to and from:

  • Gatorade Training Center
  • Pro-AM Team Arena
  • VC Sports Management

Hopefully, we learn more about what to expect from the fast travel subway in The City soon. In the meantime, we'll be sure to keep you updated on everything we find out!

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