NBA 2K22 Pro Am mode could be revamped this year

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Pro Am was one of the most popular game modes in NBA 2K21. This is why players are excited to see what the NBA 2K22 Pro Am mode could look like with some nice updates.

Considering we're nearing the release date of NBA 2K22, we hope to have a full Pro Am deep dive in the coming days. For now, we've discovered the new dribbling mechanics coming to the game.

Let's go over Pro Am and some of the changes coming to the way you dribble in NBA 2K22.

UPDATED - Dribbling gets a massive rework!

There have been mixed emotions surrounding the dribbling mechanics in NBA 2K21, this year dribbling will see a huge overhaul. This update and rework should satisfy everyone.

Players will also be happy to see that new dribble moves should be added, we learned of these during the Courtside Report. Here's a couple of moves that will be in the game at launch:

  • KD's big hesi crosses
  • Harden's around/thru the leg moves
  • Steph's quick machine gun crosses

More information that was stated in the Courtside Report was that you'll be able to equip one of 32 unique dribble sequences that are called Signature Combos.

For a fully detailed report on all the changes coming to the dribbling mechanics in NBA 2K22, follow this link!

What is Pro Am?

Introduced in NBA 2K16 was the Pro Am game mode. A game mode designed for players online that wanted to compete against eachother using their MyPLAYER. You can play as an organized squad, or team up with randoms.

Games are played under NBA rules, a perk for players who like to stick to the rulebook. This is how the Pro Am game mode differs from The Park. When playing as a team, players can customize their jerseys, the court, and even the logo.

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GAMETIME: Players want more customization in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K17, more features were added, including full team management. They also added a place where players can shoot around before games. In a controversial move, NBA 2K17 decided to remove the ability to access in-depth customization without leveling up.

What we know so far about NBA 2K22 Pro Am

For starters, one thing we can expect in the NBA 2K22 Pro Am mode is better servers. We understand this game mode hasn't really been changed since NBA 2K17, but it's a popular one. Currently, plenty of players online are struggling to find games, which would be a big problem for NBA 2K22.

They'll also likely make it easier to start up a team on the NBA 2K22 Pro Am game mode. This has been a complaint by many players for a while as it's hard to start your own organized team.

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THE LIGHTS: Players want a more exciting Pro Am experience

We'll update this every time more information gets announced surrounding NBA 2K22 Pro Am. So keep your eyes locked here.

What NBA 2K22 Pro Am players want

NBA 2K22 Pro Am players aren't asking for much, just some new features to make the game mode feel fresh.

Better servers would make finding and playing games easier, matchmaking would make for better team building, and more customization options would allow more personality. Although game modes like The Park are more popular, we expect NBA 2K22 will show some love to the Pro Am experience too.

Release Date

Great news! We won't have to wait much longer to see what all the NBA 2K22 Pro Am mode has to offer as NBA 2K22 releases on September 10, 2021.

The game will release across all platforms at the same time and for more information, check this out!

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