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NBA 2K22 could make The City even bigger and better

NBA 2K22 is just a few short months away from a multi-platform release, and many players are already excited to see The City make a return.

The open-world online RPG-style Career Mode was next gen exclusive last year, but could that be true once again for NBA 2K22?

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Latest news - Release date, cover, trailer revealed

NBA 2K22 revealed tons of details today, including that the title is set for a release date of September 10, 2021.

We've also now seen the covers for NBA 2K22, which feature Luka Doncic, WNBA star Candace Parker, and NBA legends Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Durant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

NBA 2K22 covers
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COVER STARS: This year saw several major athletes selected

We've also gotten the first teaser trailer for the game, though it's unfortunately not packed with any gameplay footage.

If you're ready to reserve your copy, head here to pre order today!

Will NBA 2K22 bring back The City?

This is the first question most players will have, and while it's not yet confirmed, it looks incredibly likely that The City will return in NBA 2K22.


Sharp-eyed fans have noticed that the pre order rewards for NBA 2K22 include a custom-design skateboard for MyPLAYER, which is an item used to navigate The City.

The online mode was the next iteration of previous modes The Park and Neighborhood, and it only launched with the Next Gen release of NBA 2K21.

With an entire development cycle now to put out NBA 2K22 on Next Gen consoles at launch, instead of staggered after the current-gen release, The City will surely be part of the focus.

The City could be even bigger and better

With the release of The City on NBA 2K21, Visual Concepts took the ideas of The Park and Neighborhood and expanded them into this major metropolis.

NBA 2K21 The City Screenshot NBA 2K22
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MEGA METROPOLIS: Big cities never stop growing

Things really delivered with the size of The City in NBA 2K21, but that doesn't mean 2K Games will hold back from growing even more with NBA 2K22.

More Boroughs?

We saw the launch of NBA 2K21 had The City hosting four different boroughs, and that was already a step up in size for the mode.

With NBA 2K22, we could see an expansion to even more, and this would allow more variety between the areas and give players more choices on where they want to focus.

Rival Affiliations

With four boroughs came four Rival Affiliations, and this is another thing that we could see expanded in NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K21 The City Affiliations Screenshot NBA 2K22
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PICK YOUR AFFILIATION: Who will you side with in The City?

There's always a chance NBA 2K22 sticks to the current quartet, but an expansion would give players more choices to decide which Affiliation best fits them.

The Power of Mayors

The City introduced Mayors in NBA 2K21, and this came with a democratic process to pick a new Mayor that served a six-week term.

Mayors had the ability to create custom playlists and videos for court areas, adjust court and mural designs, and alter uniform selection, but that could grow in NBA 2K22.


Repeating the success of NBA 2K21

Even with a release a few months late as the title landed on Next Gen consoles, NBA 2K21's introduction of The City did a lot of things right.

The new mode was expansive in sheer size and the number of things players could do, and it provided a truly unique single-player experience that began to set NBA 2K21 apart from other sports titles.

NBA 2K22 doesn't need to remove any of the things they did right in NBA 2K21, but there is room to make the mode even better as they aim for a Next Gen launch.

NBA 2K22 needs to integrate WNBA into The City

One of the additions to NBA 2K21 saw The W and MyWNBA enter the fray, but now NBA 2K22 has the opportunity to integrate WNBA MyPLAYERs into The City.

NBA 2K21 The W Screenshot
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THE W MEETS THE CITY: WNBA can join The City in NBA 2K22

With the mode using entirely player-created stars, there's no reason why male and female MyPLAYERs can't be brought together in The City with the title's next release.

As launch day approaches and we learn more about NBA 2K22, we should find out if The City, or the WNBA features, are set to make some leaps forward this year.

This rings especially true as we've learned WNBA star Candace Parker has become the first ever female cover athlete in series history, available exclusively on a physical edition through GameStop in North America.