NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X: Next Gen Features, The City, MyNBA, Gameplay, Price, Specs & more

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The Xbox Series X has arrived, and NBA 2K21 next gen may well be the biggest launch title available!

Let's go over everything you need to know before you hit the courts on next gen.

Latest News - Lead Developers speak about NBA 2K21 next gen features

We had the great opportunity to sit and speak with NBA 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang and Executive Producer Erick Boenisch about NBA 2K21 on next gen.

We covered The City, MyNBA, The W, badges, ratings, and plenty more.

You can watch the interview in full below:

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Features

NBA 2K21 will be an entirely new game on next gen, and Xbox Series X players can see it now!

nba 2k21 the city event center
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BRIGHT LIGHTS: Take your NBA 2K21 experience to The City, the massive expansion of The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood has become The City, a massive new expansion of the game mode with Affiliations, new facilities, a huge new open-world city to explore, quests, and more.

The MyPLAYER builder has been entirely revamped, removing color pies, 16 badges, and more for a new system and brand new badges.

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MyCAREER has expanded to offer the G-League, and new trajectories from high school and beyond.

MyNBA min 2
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ALL IN ONE: MyNBA brings all the best of MyLEAGUE and MyGM and builds upon both!

MyLEAGUE and MyGM have combined to form MyNBA, which offers the best of both worlds and some massive new upgrades.

And all of these are just game mode changes, with massive new gameplay changes coming as well - complete with some brand new engines built from the ground up.

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Shooting, dribbling, and passing are all getting big additions that add layers of control like never before.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer

The newest NBA 2K21 trailer reveals next-gen gameplay in all its glory!

NBA 2K21 next gen gameplay reveal trailer Boban
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DETAILS: It's not just the superstars getting amazing looks in NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles

You can watch the trailer in action below:

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Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Live

Xbox Series X pre-orders are now live in the UK and US alike!

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are touching down on 10 November, and a pre-order is the only way to secure your console for release day.

Grabbing a pre-order for PS5 was challenging, to say the least, however, Microsoft is making things crystal clear when it comes to where, and when you can lock down your next-gen Xbox.


xbox series s reveal
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LITTLE BRO! The Series S will offer Next Gen performance on a budget!

The Xbox Series X has a competitive price tag of £449/$499, but if you're looking to spend less, then the Xbox Series S is the one for you.

It boasts some impressive specs but is ultimately less powerful and more affordable than its counterpart.

Those with the Mamba Forever Edition also have access to the Next-Gen Standard Edition, so you'll be ready for day one.

NBA 2K21 Xbox Series X Price

Buying NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X will cost you a little more than the current-gen edition.

nba 2k21 kobe
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PRETTY PENNY OR TWO: The next-gen edition is priced at £64.99/$69.99

The price is set at £64.99/$69.99 for the Standard Edition on Xbox Series X, while it will be £54.99/$59.99 on Xbox One.

Backwards Compatibility

Per an NBA 2K Spokesperson, "The current-gen version of NBA 2K21 will be playable on Xbox Series X via backward compatibility, while the next-gen version is only playable on Xbox Series X."

nba 2k21 defensive animations
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FORWARD THINKING: The current-gen version of the game has forward compatibility

So Xbox players will only need to buy the game once to play it all year!

However, to get the full next-gen experience NBA 2K recommend players get the Xbox Series X version of the game. This will have extra gameplay features and enhanced graphics, making it worth the extra money.


The Xbox Series X will come equipped with lightning-fast, high-bandwidth DDR6 RAM that Microsoft has claimed will “usher in resolution and framerates we’ve never seen before”.

So what can we expect from NBA 2K21 on the new console?

NBA 2K21 New Shot Meter Pro Stick Feature 1
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GRAPHICS: If you think 2K21 looks good on the PS4, just wait for the PS5!

A massive increase in graphics quality - The addition of ray tracing - a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image - means that players, fans, stadiums and everything in between will look better than ever before.

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Lightning fast loading screens - By using the SSD as virtual RAM, there should be no such thing as loading screens on the Xbox Series X.

The most immersive sports gameplay - 8K supported gameplay means that visuals will be crisper and more realistic than ever! That means that things like important cinematics in MyCAREER will be more immersive than ever.

EA Play's Game Pass Release Date Confirmed

November 10 was already a significant date in the Xbox calendar - with that being the release date for the Series X - but it just got even more significant!

xbox game pass ea play 3
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That is also the day that you will be able to access EA Play on the Xbox Game Pass!

Find out everything you need to know about the announcement here.

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