Why Iron Giant was Removed from MultiVersus

MultiVersus Iron Giant

MultiVersus Iron Giant

MultiVersus character Iron Giant has been removed from the game temporarily, being taken out of players' active roster, and removed from the game shop, with most fans wondering why.

According to an official statement from MultiVersus, this was done to resolve some issues with the character, and they are working hard to bring him back as soon as possible.

Why Iron Giant was Removed from MultiVersus

The truth is, Iron Giant was temporarily removed from MultiVersus because the character was extremely overpowered, and the combos were pretty easy to execute.

Iron Giant was too fast for how tall and heavy he was, which meant there was no counter-play for him. Smaller characters, which in theory should be able to counter his power with their quickness couldn't do so.

MultiVersus Iron Giant and Superman
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So not only were his normal attacks extremely strong, which is natural since Iron Giant is a tank character, but his speed was off the charts, and his special moves were too easy to hit.

To make up for the temporary removal of Iron Giant, MultiVersus added Garnet to the preview rotation.

Iron Giant is now undergoing maintenance, and we expect the character to be much more balanced when it comes back. Hopefully, Iron Giant will be back in the MultiVersus active roster sooner rather than later.

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