How to Unlock Agent Smith in MultiVersus

Agent Smith In MultiVersus

Agent Smith In MultiVersus

Players are wondering how to unlock Agent Smith in Multiversus, as the Matrix movie character is one of the most popular in the game.

Despite the many MultiVersus characters, it seems everyone just wants to get their hands on Agent Smith.

However, this might prove trickier than expected, as you can't unlock Agent Smith by using the traditional MultiVersus character unlock method.

How to Unlock Agent Smith in MultiVersus

To unlock Agent Smith in MultiVersus, players need to complete the Rift missions, more specifically, beating the Rift bosses. This sounds straightforward, but there is a catch.

Beating Rift bosses is the only thing that gets you closer to unlocking Agent Smith, as the other missions don't help you progress in the Agent Smith event.

However, you can't repeat boss fights, and from the five Rifts missions, only two are available, with the other three being locked. One will arrive at the game on 2 June, but we don't know when the other two will come to MultiVersus.

MultiVersus Rifts Missions
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So, as of right now, it's impossible to unlock Agent Smith. The best you can do is defeat the available Rift bosses and wait for the other Rift missions to unlock.

You can also choose to wait for the release of Agent Smith, which there still isn't any official information about, and purchase the character with either Gleamium or Figther currency.

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